Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MH340

HELLER FH-120 Horizontal Milling machine. Operating Instructions. GERMAN TEXT

Print code: MH340A

HELLER FV-120 Milling Vertical Machine. Operating and Maintenance Instructions.
Both English and German Editions are included.

Print code: MH340B

Heller FV-140 Milling machine. Various Instruction Sheets, Assembly Drawings, and Electrical Schematics. With useful Sectional Drawings and Illustrations of mechanical assemblies. This assembly is not suitable for reproduction and is offered as an original copy.

Print code: MH340C

Heller LFK-160/2500V plano-milling machine. Operating and basic Maintenance Instructions. Includes large Electrical and Lubrication Schematics. All English text.

Print code: MH340D

HELLER Circular Cold Saws Models SSH 500 to 800 (manual) and SSH 500A to 800A (automatic). Operating Instructions, Care & Maintenance, Assembly of Hydraulics, Fault Finding, etc.

Print code: MH340E

Heller KA 315 and KA 315M Automatic Cold Sawing machines. Operating Instructions. £55