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Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MH340

HELLER FH-120 Horizontal Milling machine. Operating Instructions. GERMAN TEXT

Print code: MH340A

HELLER FV-120 Milling Vertical Machine. Operating and Maintenance Instructions.
Both English and German Editions are included.

Print code: MH340B

Heller FV-140 Milling machine. Assembly Drawings and Electrical Schematic. With useful Sectional Drawings and Illustrations of mechanical assemblies.

Print code: MH340C

Heller LFK-160/2500V plano-milling machine. Operating and basic Maintenance Instructions. Includes large Electrical and Lubrication Schematics. All English text.

Print code: MH340D

HELLER Circular Cold Saws Models SSH 500 to 800 (manual) and SSH 500A to 800A (automatic). Operating Instructions, Care & Maintenance, Assembly of Hydraulics, Fault Finding, etc.