Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: M575

MISAL "Heron" K14, KR14 and KR15 Lathes. Early and Late Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues that show both models. It includes two pages of enlarged English and Metric screwcutting charts. 16 pages.

Print code: M575A

MISAL Heron Lathes. A set of individual Sales Sheets set for the Models K10, K12, K18, K22, K24, KS32, KS36, KS40, KS60, KS40 Marathon, KS24 Marathan, and Olona TR40 Capstan. 24 pages.

Print code: MS575E

MISAL Automils Models UV433, Automil 2/45 and Automil 4/30. Sales and Specification Catalogue. 40 pages.