Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MEIT005

Rotating Electrical Equipment Winding and Building Vol.2. Comprehensive publication for craftmen gaged in building electric motors.
Bending Copper
Taping. Half-tapping, cross tapping, etc.
Binding coils, connections, ring supports, etc.
Tinning, brazing and soldering
Electrical Measuring Instruments
Assembly of rotor bars for squirrel cage motors
Commutator building
Fitting of Commutators to shafts
Shrink fitting of slip rings
Coil winding
Coil pulling
Pressing of field coils

Print code: MEITgrind

Grinding for Engineering Craftsmen
Detailed coverage of all aspects of workshop grinding techniques.
Planning the job
Selecting the wheel
Mounting the wheel
Balancing the wheel
Workholding - cylindrical, internal and surface work
Workholding for tool and cutter grinding
Surface grinding operations
Cylindrical Grinding operations
Internal grinding operations
Tool and cutter grinding operations
Inspection for cylindrical, internal and surface grinding