Manuals and Catalogues

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IXION Drilling Machines and Miller Driller BDT-23F. A catalogue collection showing details of the drilling machines types BST-6, BST-10, BST-13, TL-500, Deep hole driller, BSR-13KBST-6, BST-13, BST-13N, BST-13ST, BST-16, BST-13GLU, BST-13NB, BST-13STB, BSS-13G, BSS-13GL, BSS-13N, BSS-16, BSS-16L, BSS16ST, BSS-16G, BST-13NB, BSR-13, BST-23F, BSS-40, BT-6, BT13, BT15, BTB15, BT20, BT30, BT30AV, BTU/BTS, BS15, BS20, BS25, BS30, BS30AV, BS40, MK2, MK3, BT15G, BT15GL, BT13GLE, 15GV/GLV, BT30G, BS30GL, BT30GLE, BR15, BRK15, BRK30 BT25F, TL500, BS20Z and RV3. 34 pages