Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: ML111

Lincoln (GKN) "Lincomig" Welding Sets with Transformer Rectifier Power sources types CVR-330, CVR-440, CVR-55-, CVR-660. Wire Feed Types AM-21, AM-42, AM-213, AM-423 and welding guns types MB-25, MB-36KD, MG-36, MB-40KD and RB-61. Instruction Manual, Electrical Schematics and Illustrated Parts Manual.

Print code: ML11A

Lincoln (GKN) Archmaker Sprite 2000F Wire-feed unit. Instruction Manual with Parts as Exploded-component drawings and Electrical Sdetails. Includes the instruction manual for the FCR.200, FCR.200A, FCR.300VC and FCR.400VC Rectifier Power Sources with electrical schematics

Print code: MN870

LINCOLN (GKN Norweld) TIG-182 Welding Rectifier Set. User's manual with an Electrical Schematic.