Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: ML112

Lindner Type FS-1 Thread Grinding Machine: Operator's Instruction Manual with foundation plans, lubrication, countershaft drawings, Electrical diagrams, a number of useful sectional and outline and drawings of the Micro-optical Device, Universal Dressing Device, Full-profile Dressing Device, Dressing Device of Special Type, Dressing Device for multiple profile grinding wheels, Work Headstock, Arrangement of change gears and indexing device for axial shifting of the work carriage, grinding wheel chart, Tailstock and work carriage.

Print code: ML114A

Lindner SJD 12 Automatic Internal Grinding Machine.  Operating and Maintenance Manual with electrical and mechanical schematics.

Print code: ML114B

LINDNER "Standard Type" Thread Grinding Machines. Operating Manual with a Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings.This manual was issued printed with a spirit duplicator, on a yellow paper, and is best ordered as a PDF.