Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MM50

Magerle Milling Machine FD-10-R: Electrical Manual.

Print code: MM50B

Magerle FD-7(R), FD-10(R), FD-12(R), FD-15R Grinding Machines. Comprehensive Operating, Maintenance and Repair Manual with Hydraulic and Electrical Schematics and Spares as Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MM50C

Magerle Surface Grinding Machines F, FP and FPA Series Grinders:  Covers the F-7, F-10 , F-12, FP-10, FP-12, FP-15, FPA-10, FPA-12, FPA-15, etc . A complete 371-page data pack with Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Books. Includes Parts as Sectional drawings, use of the Accessories - wet-grinding, dust extraction, electro-magnetic clamping, vertical in-feed, transverse measuring device, tips, defects, regulation and re-adjustment of truing apparatus.

Print code: MM50D

Magerle FD-120-R, F-100 and F-100-R-S1. Surface Grinder. Electrical Manual including Schematics.

Print code: MM50E

MAGERLE MFP-125.35 Horizontal Surface Grinder. Electrical Manual consisting of 127 large Electrical Schematics.