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Manuals and Catalogues

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Meteor Twist-Drill Grinding machine ME14 with tap-grinding jig GBA (by Megomat, Germany). Operating Instructions. Covers Twist Drills, Point Thinning, Tap Grinding, etc. Includes and electrical schematic.

Print code: M60

Meteor (Swiss-built)  Drill Grinders Models ME14, KB53 and KB56. Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 4 pages.

Print code: MM250A

METEOR KBS-6 Drill Grinder. Detailed Operation Manual with an electrical schematic and details of the accessories; "Extension for Long Drills", "Extension for Single-lipped deep-hole Boring Tools", Drill Support", "Loading Device For Drills for Printed Circuit Boards", the "Universal Sharpening Unit USE-90", the "Flat Table for the USE-90" and Execution with a Monitor"

Print code: MS218

Perris and Norfolk, Hector, Flexispeed, Simat 101, Meteor, Meteor 2, Perris and Derivatives. A complete 150-page Data Pack containing everything ever published for these miniature lathes: Sales and Specification Sheets, screwcutting charts. Illustrated Parts Manuals, sheets of Assembly Instructions for the Perris version and the Flexispeed, Simat and Meteor. A separate 8-page Manual for the Meteor 2 is also included. Full-size "blueprint" (in sections), an additional 8-page Mk.