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Model: 307

This page displays all the content on the website associated with the '307' model. Numeric models include all prefixes, such as 'Number', 'Mark', 'Size' etc.

Manuals for Model: 307

Print code: MB132B

Barnes 307 Honing Machine. Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: MB132C

Barnes 244, 307 and 4014 Hydraulic Honing Machines. Lubrication Manual.

Print code: MC113F

Cincinnati 2ML, 2MI and 3MI (Model OM Types OM, 203, 205, 307 & 410) Plain, Universal and Vertical Milling Machines: Very Detailed Service Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual with Exploded Assembly Diagrams. PLEASE NOTE: there were two versions of the miler, one with separate power-feeds motor flange-mounted on the right-hand face of the knee and another where the motor was built in and hence hidden. Please make a note on the order form as to which you have.

Print code: MC113G

Cincinnati 2MI, 203, 205, 307, 410 MI and ML Plain, Universal and Vertical Milling Machines: Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: MK170Z

KEARNEY and TRECKER 205 S-12 & 307 S-12 Milling Machines. Parts Manual as Exploded Component Drawings. These millers were made in various forms; Plain Horizontal, Universal, Vertical and Ram Types, with a number of different table sizes and with differing Model Designations depending upon the year of manufacture. £65