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Model: Compact 8

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Manuals for Model: Compact 8

Print code: ME350Y

Emco Compact 8 Lathe: Detailed Instruction Manual and Comprehensive 76 page Workshop Manual together the Exploded Assembly Parts Manual, wiring diagram and two copies of the comprehensive Technical Specification and Accessory Catalogue. Also covers various copies by Taiwanese makers branded "918", "Honden", Vulcan, McMillan ML-18, MJ-480A and the American Craftsman 549-289000, etc. This collection of literature represents a complete data pack for the lathe. Available in English, French or German.

Print code: MM175/ME350Y

McMillan ML-18 Lathe (copy of Emco Compact 8). The best manual for this lathe is the full one for the Compact 8, complete with Spares Manual as Exploded Component Drawings.

Compact 8 Parts

Quick-change Toolholder for small lathes up to 100mm (4") centre height - Myford ML10, ML7, Compact 8, etc - "Dickson" type with central block and complete with 4-stations to hold...

Emco Compact 8 lathe. Narrow V-belt drive belt.

Toothed drive belt for the Emco Compact 8 lathe - also fits the very similar lathes branded as the  CT-918 by Warco, Excel, Intercity, Pinnacle and Naerok, etc.

The wide, toothed belt for the Emco Compact 8 and the similar copies made in Taiwan.
The narrow V-belt can be found here: ...

Leadscrew clasp nuts to fit the Emco 7, V8, "Compact 8 lathes" and Craftsman. Might also be suitable for the many Chinese-made clones such as the ones branded Warco, Axminster,...