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Model: Condor

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Manuals for Model: Condor

Print code: MW325both

Weiler "Matador LZ330-Condor" and Model W (variable-speed drive) and Model VS (per-selector speed change) lathes. Dual English & German editions this comprising a complete data pack containing all known information about these fine lathes:

Print code: MW325E

Weiler "Matador LZ330-Condor" Lathe: Instruction Manual with Electrical Circuits and Spare Parts Manual as exploded component diagrams with open sections clearly showing the detailed construction of every element of the machine. MAIN TEXT IN GERMAN but includes English annotations of the lathe's Controls, Screwcutting and Lubrication Instructions. 100 pages.

Print code: MW32Z

Weiler Precision Toolroom Lathe Accessories Catalogue for Condor, Matador, 300 and 280 Models. This is a useful adjunct to the RDU-260 manual.