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Model: DB200

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Manuals for Model: DB200

Print code: ME350A

Emco Unimat SL1000 Lathe (in the USA DB200): A comprehensive, high-quality Data Pack including both early and late Operation and Maintenance Manual covering the lathe and the use of accessories in great detail. Full explanatory texts with clear diagrams of how to get the best from the lathe and its attachments. Exploded Parts diagrams of the lathe and every accessory. Includes six very useful contemporary Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogues including the very first editions in both English and German.

Print code: ME350C

Emco Unimat lathe (DB200 in USA) Early (1950s) Operator's handbook for the "cast iron" models. Includes an interesting comprehensive sales & Technical Specification Catalogue from the same era.

Print code: ME350D

Emco Unimat DB200 Lathe as marketed by Sears, Roebuck and Co. USA. Repair Parts Manual: