Model: DLZ

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Manuals for Model: DLZ

Print code: ME520B

Erfurt DLZ 500 Precision Lathe. Operating Manual with fold-out Mechanical and Electrical Schematics.

Print code: MM282

MARTIN Lathes Model DLZ502, DLZ602 and DLZ702. Operation & Maintenance Manual with Electrical Schematics, sectional drawings through the headstock and clutch and reproductions of the screwcutting and feeds charts. Includes a copy of the maker's Technical Specification and  Accessories Catalogue.

Print code: MP680

Prazimat (WMW and VEB) DLZ 180 x 450 Lathe. Instruction and Maintenance Manual and Parts as Exploded Component Drawings and a Wiring Diagram.

Print code: MW561

WMW VEB (and Erfurt, Niles and VEB) DLZ-500V, DLZ-630V and DLZ-800VL Precision Lathes - late models angular styling (also covers the 500E, 630E and 800E versions). Operating Manual with Mechanical and Electrical Schematics. English Text. This manual is for later lathes with "angular" styling - for the early models with "rounded" styling the DLZ-500, DLZ-630 & DLZ800 see publication MN700 below