Model: Dominion

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Manuals for Model: Dominion

Print code: MC318

Colchester Triumph (and "Dominion") 7.5-inch centre height (Model 15-inch) lathes - early models with "rounded" headstock Mk.1 & Mk.2 (also sold, in the USA, where it was called the 15-inch and used the Clausing brand name with the Model numbers: 6535, 6576, 6577, 6536, 6537). A complete 175-page data pack covering all models from the late 1930s on either separate cast-iron plinths or on the later (early 1950s) full cabinet stand. Instruction and Maintenance Manual and with Exploded Component Parts Pictures.

Print code: MW5190

Wadkin "Dominion" KK Automatic Cross-cut Saw. Operation & Maintenance Manual.