Model: DSM

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Manuals for Model: DSM

Print code: MH12

Hardinge DSM-A Lathe. Maintenance Manual with large Electrical and Hydraulic Schematics. Includes 6 pages of Maintenance Notes not in the original Manual.

Print code: MH12A

Hardinge DSM-A Lathe. Maker's Training Manual for Operator's.

Print code: MH12B

Hardinge DSM-A Lathe. Parts List as Detailed Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MH12D

Hardinge DSM-59, DSM-59R and DV-59 (also advertised as the "DSM five-nine" and also applying to the HSL-59 short-bed version). These lathes were identical save for the equipment bolted to the bed. A tailstock and compound slide rest produced the Super-Precision plain-turning DV-59 and with a turret head and cut-off slide and other equipment the DSM-59 "Second-operation" Model. A data pack for the lathes with an Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with two comprehensive Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogues for the DV-59 and DSM-59.

Print code: MH12E

Hardinge DSM-59, DSM-59R and DV-59, (also applying to the HSL-59 short-bed version) Parts manual as Sectional Drawings.