Model: PR

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Manuals for Model: PR

Print code: ME545

Eseway Hardness Testers Models: Types R, PR, PRB, ER, ELR, ERW, ELRW, ERBW and ELRBW. Operating Instructions with Hardness Scales and Brinell Conversion Charts.

Print code: MK150E

Richards (Kearns) PR Series Horizontal Boring and Facing Machine. Manual of Instruction. This was issued together with, and intended to be used alongside, a very detailed 63-page Technical Sales and Specification, Accessories and Tooling Catalog.

Print code: MK318J

Kearns-Richards PR Series Horizontal Boring and Facing Machine "Tools and Equipment Catalogue"

Print code: ML105

Liechti Lathes (Switzerland ). "Description and Working Instructions" with detailed Sectional Drawings of the "Universal" Lathes Type P Centre lathe, Type PR Turret Lathe, Type PRT Drum-turret Lathe. Includes a Sales and Specification Catalogue for the Combination Turret Lathe Type PR

Print code: MR150G

Richards (George Richards) PR Horizontal Boring and Facing Machine "Tools and Equipment".