Model: Speedhone

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Manuals for Model: Speedhone

Print code: MD300A

Delapena "Speedhone" Precision Honing Machines, manual versions, 275 Beam type, etc. Data Pack including: General Operating Manual. Includes a data manual giving Recommended Honing Speeds and Honing Stone Pressures together with a large and useful collection (60 page) of sales and Technical Specification Catalogues covering the types: "Speedhone" Junior; VHM/1, VHM1D, VHM/3C. VHM60, HHM/11, HHM/30, Model 276 Beam Stroking Honing Machine; Model 301, VHM/1, VHM/1D, VHM/3, VHM/3C, VHM/5, VHM60, VHM/60 and HHM/11 and the 276 Industrial Beam Honer, etc.


Print code: MD300B

DELAPENA Speedhone MA Bench-mount Precision Honing Machine. Operating Manual together with a copy of "Delapena Recommended Honing Speeds & Honing Stone Pressures" and two Technical Specification Sales & Accessories Catalogues.

Print code: MD300C

Delapena Auto-Speedhone. Instruction and Maintenance Manual. Includes a copy of the booklet: "Delapena Recommended Honing Speeds & Honing Stone Pressures"