Model: UB

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Manuals for Model: UB

Print code: MC81UA

Churchill UA Planetary Internal Grinder. Mark for the UA, this manual should help with the machines of the same design, the UB and UC. The UA has a centre height of 18 inches, the UB38 inches and the UC 31 inches. To be sure, email me a picture of your grinder
Operator's Instruction Manual with some (but not all) parts shown as sectional drawings and hydraulic schematics.

Print code: MU150

Utting UB-180A Horizontal Band Saw. Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: MU150A

Utting UB-254 and UB-245E Horizontal Band saws. Operator's Instruction Manual (the E has an electronically operated stop unit with digital read-out)

Print code: MU150B

Utting UB-305 and UB-305B Horizontal Band Saws. Operator's Instruction Manual with Parts and an Electrical Schematic.