Model: V20

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Manuals for Model: V20

Print code: MT206C

TOS Drilling Machines Types V20, VS20, VS32, VN20, Two editions of the "Manual & Specifications" and "Technical Documenation" including an electrical diagram and some Sectional Parts Drawings.

Print code: R220

Rigiva (Riva) Full-range Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue with ENGLISH and ITALIAN text.

Print code: R220A

RIGIVA (RIVA) Full Range (conventional machines) Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue dated 1956. Horizontal, Vertical and Turret Millers Types: U.6, U.8, U.20, V.20, V.20b and C400. Accessories, vertical heads, etc. 18 pages.

Print code: R220G

RIGIVA (RIVA) V.20 Vertical Milling Machines (table 1500 x 350 mm). Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 10 pages.