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Manuals for Model: Various

Print code: E95A

Elgin Machine Tools circa 1940s and 1950s. A collection of literature comprising: Horizontal Bench Miller Catalogue (4 pages), a 4-page folder showing the Elgin Lens Polishing Machines, Precision Bench Lathes types CB-5C, 4EV, lathes on pressed steel pedestals, pressed steel base with laminated top and and steel frame benches with laminated wood tops, and Horizontal and vertical milling machines. Vertical Bench Miller Sales & Technical Specification Sheets, Lathes & Millers Catalogue plus price lists. 20 pages in total.

Print code: MA470C

TAIWANESE Geared-head Generic Lathe (Type 2) with three levers on the face of the headstock to change spindle speeds, sold from the 1970s until the early 2000s branded with a variety of names (a version remains in production today). Operation and basic Maintenance Manual Includes Electrical Schematic and connection diagrams for single and three-phase motors. £45 An example of the type can be seen here:

Print code: P-127

Samson Shearing, Rod Cutting, Angle and Pipe Bending and Punching Machines - general descriptions with photographs and detailed specifications.