Noble & Lund

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MN730A

Noble and Lund S.B. Circular Saw Sharpening Machine. Operator's Instruction Instructions.

Print code: N170

Noble and Lund Modern Machine Tools. Full-range Catalogue circa 1930s showing: lathes - Axle, Break, Chuck, Crankshaft, Railway Wheel, Roll Turning, Surfacing and Boring Shafting, Special and Turbine Lathes. Rotary End Milling Machines, Special Milling machines, Horizontal Borers, Planing Machines (including large Armour Plate types) Cold Sawing Machines, Special Plate Ripping Machines, Bandsaws, Saw Sharpening Machines, Multi-spindle drills, Special machines etc.40 pages.

Print code: N170A

Noble and Lund Full-Range Catalogue of Heavy Machine Tools 1973. Plano Millers LMA and HMA, Ram type machines LRMA and HRMAS, Open-sided Plano Milling Machines Model OLMA, Combined Quill and Ram Type machines, Vertical Millers, Horizontal Ram Type Millers, Rotary Millers, Fir Tree Root Miller,
Lathes, Boring machines, Circular sawing Machines, Saw Sharpening Machines, etc. 40 pages.

Print code: N170B

Noble and Lund Lathes. Heavy-duty 7-foot chuck type, 4-foot chuck type and 20", 25", 27", 30" 36", 56", 60", 63", 66", 81", 102" and, 112" centre height lathes. 38 pages. £37 . 38
pages. £45

Print code: N170C

Noble & Lund Large Machine Tools - full-range catalogue with Lathes, Railway Shop Machine Tools,
Horizontal Planing Machines and Special Large Machine Tools. 50 pages printed to best possible standard..