Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MM408AB2

MATTISON Machine Works (USA). Operating and Maintenance Manual "For all sizes of Mattison High-powered Surface Grinders of the Horizontal Spindle, Reciprocating Table Type". Includes comprehensive instructions for the "OilGear" Variable-delivery pumps Typea D, DC, DS, CG, abd D with sectional drawings and the "Four-way" reversing Plunger pumps for reciprocating drives". Includes a copy of the maker's all-models' Sales & Techical Specification and Accessories Catalog.

Print code: MW298A

Weatherley (OilGear) XS 50 x 66 Vertical Surface Broaching Transfer Machine Operator's Instruction and Maintenance
Manual. £95

Print code: MW298B

Weatherley (OilGear) VSD 12" x 30" Broaching Machine with Broach Handling. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual.