Myford ML8 Drive Belt






For the Myford ML8 lathe the new, improved metal-pin T-link belting is ideal. It's a sectional belt so no dismantling is needed to fit it. For lathes on the maker's stand 1.2 metres is the length needed. If mounted on a home-made bench with a thick wooden top, 1.3 metres is usually sufficient. The width required is 1/2" (13 mm) = an "A" section. In 2023 this belt increased in price by 30% - but, this is the genuine American-made material not the very inferior Chinese copy - the Chinese copy is smaller in section and can be recognised by the lack of a small dimple in the head of the joining pins. We tried this Chinese belt on an ML8 and it was hopeless.

Click in the box below to select the length needed (the price shown below is for a belt 1.2 metres long).

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