Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MP100

Pedersen (Vilh. Pedersen Denmark) VPV-00 and VPV-02 and VPF-00 and VPF-02 Milling Machine Model: Small but useful Instruction Manual and a set of high-quality Sectional Parts Drawings. Includes copies of the Sales and Specification Catalogues.

Print code: MP100A

Pedersen (Vilh. Pedersen Denmark) VP1, VP2 Vertical and VPU-1 and VPU-2 Horizontal (etc) Milling Machines. Everything known about these millers in one complete data Pack: Milling Machines (Horizontal, Universal and Vertical) Operation Instructions with Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings. Includes a copy of the maker's Sales, Technical Specification &v Accessories Catalogue. The literature is marked as being for the VP1 range but appears to cover both types.

Print code: MP100B

Pedersen (Vilh. Pedersen Denmark) Tool and Cutter Grinder. Not a Manual but an excellent and useful Sales and Specification 16-page Catalogue with Annotated Diagrams, a full description of the various accessories and how they are mounted and a 15 or so examples of various grinding jobs being carried out..