Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MC77

Christen & Perrin UO and UO-A Miller - these millers being badged from both companies and smallest of the older machines made. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Wiring Diagram and sectional drawings of the Optional Heads. Includes a copy of the maker's Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogue.

Print code: P105U

Perrin (Perrin Bros. Switzerland) RV-3 Jig Grinding machine.
Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue. 8 pages

Print code: P105V

PERRIN (Perrin Bros. Switzerland) U-1 Universal precision Milling Machine. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue. 4 pages

Print code: P105W

PERRIN (Perrin Bros. Switzerland) AV-1, AV-2, AV-3 and AV-4 Co-ordinate Precision Drilling, Milling and Jig Boring Machines. Four comprehensive Sales and Technical Specification Catalogues. The AV-4 catalogue is in English, French and German. 30 pages

Print code: P105Y

PERRIN (Perrin Bros. Switzerland) AV-3 Jig Borer, Jig Grinder. Technical
Specification & Accessories Catalogue. English, French and German text. 8 pages

Print code: P105Z

PERRIN (Perrin Bros. Switzerland) AV-4A Jig Borer (late type) Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue. 12 pages