ATLAS Lathes full-range Catalogue No. 26 (dated 1936/1937)





Machine types: 

Drill, Lathe, Miscellaneous, Shaper / Planer


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ATLAS Lathes full-range Catalogue No. 26 (dated 1936/1937). The first of the comprehensive Atlas catalogs illustrating the last 9-inch "all-belt" drive lathes together with the Utility versions; 10-inch screwcutting Models and the cheaper Unit Plan versions; wood-turning lathes; drills, presses, vices, motors & accessories. Atlas Catalogs are not the easiest to scan and prepare for printing. The print is 'soft' and the many small photographs require lots of work by hand to degauss and improve contrast. The result is a perfect reproduction of a high-quality 120g paper.  64 pages. 52 pages.


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