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Manuals for Model: All

Print code: MS513A

SENECA FALLS Lathes Data Pack including: the Operator's Instruction Manual and Replacement Parts Manual (a useful though generic publication the company sent out in the 1930s when enquiries were made about their older machines) and four Full-range Catalogs: No. 20B circa 1905; No. 24B including price lists from 1911 and 1913 (this catalog is interesting in showing both the common flat-belt drive lathes and also the rare geared-head models); Catalog No.27 with a photographic Parts Manual of the 1920s range of lathes; Catalog No.

Print code: S550A

STARK (USA) Stark Catalogue circa 1900-1920s (pencil annotation). Probably the most complete of all the Stark literature, this lists and illustrates the entire product range from the early years of the 20th century in four languages: English, German, French and Spanish. Includes  Precision Bench and Watchmakers' Lathes - the Nos. 2,3, 31/2, 4, 41/2 and their accessories, drive systems, countershafts, treadle stands, special tailstocks, collets, etc.

Print code: W46B

WEILER Precision lathes: Full-range Catalogue, small format, 1972 version. 20 pages.

Print code: A550

AJAX Machine Tools. AJAX were not manufacturers but importers and distributors who badged machines as their own. Many different kinds were sold and the best publication for reference is the AJAX Main Catalogue showing: Cleveland Millers, Range, Turret Millers, Production Milling Machines, smaller hand-operated small horizontal Millers, Milling machine heads and Accessories, Slotting machines, Drilling Machines, Shaping Machines, Metal Saws, Pillar and Bench Drills, Radial Arm Drills, Work Heads. etc. 64 pages.

Print code: A770

AMERICAN WATCH TOOL COMPANY - Webster Whitcombe and Wade. Superb early 1900s 32-page All-models and Accessories Sales Catalogue with a 1924 price list.

Also, for literature about these lathes and other precision machine tools developed, look under the WADE entry - the company that took over the Watch Tool Co.

Print code: A770A

AMERICAN WATCH TOOL COMPANY - Webster Whitcombe and Moseley models Superb 1910 Watchmakers' Lathes Catalogue and Price list. 12 pages

(Also, for literature about these lathes developed, look under the WADE entry - the company that took the watch tool Co.)

Print code: A780Y

A780Y Ames Precision Machine Tools: a set of three later catalogs:
(1) Ames No. 3 Precision Bench lathe Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. Also shows the Ames miller and Ames Triplex Machine - a lathe and miller combined. 16 pages.

Print code: A824F

ARCHDALE Full-range Catalogue Circa 1930s-1940s: Radial-Arm drills, Heavy-duty drills, Production drills, Multi-head drills, All-gear Drills, Sensitive Universal Adjustable Multi-spindle Drills, Medium and Heavy-duty Type Universal Multi-spindle Drills, Hydraulic Multi-spindle drills, 6-spindle cylinder boring machine, 4-spindle Fixed centre Hydraulic Cylinder Boring Machine, 74-spindle Vertical Hydraulic Drill, Automatic Cam Feed Unit Drilling Machines, Duplex Hydraulic Piston Drilling & Reaming Machines, 18-inch, 20-inch, 28-inch, horizontal Milling Machines, 24-inch

Print code: A824G

ARCHDALE Comprehensive, beautifully-illustrated full-range Catalogue Circa late 1940s to the 1950s showing milling machines, a wide variety of drills, horizontal and vertical milling machines, thread and cam milling machines, milling machine accessories and "special machines" 152 pages.

Print code: A840A

ATLAS Lathes full-range Catalogue No. 8 (1934) including the 9-inch "all-belt" drive lathes, the first of the later 10-inch models with backgear, the cheaper "Unit Plan" lathes, the first wood-turning lathes, the company's drills, presses and pictures inside the factory. 32 pages.

Print code: A840B

ATLAS Lathes full-range Catalogue No. 15 (circa 1936) with metal & wood-turning lathes including the later 9-inch "all-belt" drive machines, the Model 918 "Utility" Model, the revised 10-inch Model, "Unit Plan" versions, accessories, wood-turning lathes, drills, presses & motors. 44 pages. The print is 'soft' and the many small photographs require lots of work by hand to degauss and improve contrast. The result is a perfect reproduction of a high-quality 120g paper.

Print code: A840C

ATLAS Lathes full-range Catalogue No. 26 (dated 1936/1937). The first of the comprehensive Atlas catalogs illustrating the last 9-inch "all-belt" drive lathes together with the Utility versions; 10-inch screwcutting Models and the cheaper Unit Plan versions; wood-turning lathes; drills, presses, vices, motors & accessories. Atlas Catalogs are not the easiest to scan and prepare for printing. The print is 'soft' and the many small photographs require lots of work by hand to degauss and improve contrast.

Print code: A840D

ATLAS Lathes full-range Catalogue No. 28 (November 1937) with lathes, millers, shapers, drills, etc.: 52 pages.

Print code: A840E

ATLAS Lathes full-range Catalogue No. 31 (circa 1938) with lathes, millers, shapers, drills, presses, vices, motors & accessories. 70 pages. The print is 'soft' and the many small photographs require lots of work by hand to degauss and improve contrast. The result is a perfect reproduction of a high-quality 120g paper.

Print code: A840F

ATLAS Lathes full-range Catalogue No. 39 (January 1939) with millers, shapers, drills: 70 pages. The print is 'soft' and the many small photographs require lots of work by hand to degauss and improve contrast. The result is a perfect reproduction of a high-quality 120g paper.

Print code: A840G

ATLAS Lathes full-range Catalogue No. 40 (1940) with millers, shapers, drills: Atlas Catalogs are not the easiest to scan and prepare for printing. The print is 'soft' and the many small photographs require lots of work by hand to degauss and improve contrast. The result is a perfect reproduction of a high-quality 120g paper.  70 pages 

Print code: A840G2

ATLAS Lathes full-range Catalogue No. 41 (1941) with millers, shapers, drills: 64 pages.

Print code: A840H

ATLAS Lathes full-range Catalogue No. 45 (1945) with millers, shapers, drills, etc: Atlas Catalogs are not the easiest to scan and prepare for printing. The print is 'soft' and the many small photographs require lots of work by hand to degauss and improve contrast. The result is a perfect reproduction of a high-quality 120g paper.  64 pages.

Print code: A840K

ATLAS Lathes full-range Catalogue No. 50 (1950) with millers, shapers, drills: 35 pages £

Print code: A840L

ATLAS Lathes full-range Catalogue No. M52 (1952 to 1958) with 1954 price list and millers, shapers, drills: The print is 'soft' and the many small photographs require lots of work by hand to degauss and improve contrast. The result is a perfect reproduction of a high-quality 120g paper.

Print code: ARCHIVE

Machine Tool Archive on a 32 GB Pendrive (the order box says CD-ROM but you receive a Pendrive). In response to many requests, a complete copy of the Machine Tool Archive (and all other sections of the website) is now available with thousands of pages and pictures, more than 2100 articles and over 20GB Gig of data. The whole site is instantly accessible, the pictures load immediately and the hyperlinks work as if on-line.

Print code: B210C

BOLEY Catalogues for Stands, Countershafts, Foot Treadle & Independent drives for Plain-turning and Screwcutting Lathes. 10 pages

Print code: B211F

BOLEY Full-range Watchmakers' lathes, millers, drills, etc. From around 1920 the design of Boley Watchmakers' the lathes was more or less complete and the complete-range catalogue circa 1924 covers items many of which were made from the late 1800s until the 1960s.

Print code: B212H

Boley SalesLiterature - the complete set, as listed on these pages, as a very high quality reproduction.

Print code: B244ALL

BOXFORD Machine Tools: a Special Catalogue Data Pack of all products that shows the conventional machine tools made by the Company. Spans from the very early 1940s 3-inch Precision Lathes and Rear-drive models to the later Underdrive types and the final Geared-head versions.

Print code: B30

Bemson Precision Lathes. Sales & Specification Catalogue.16 pages. No manual was ever issued for any Benson lathe, but "The Amateur's Lathe" book below is an excellent substitute.

Print code: B40

BERGEON Watch & Instrument maker's Lathes: a full, very detailed Catalogue including lathes and all their accessories, 1950s.

Print code: B450A

BREDA 30th Anniversary Range Brochure. Lathes Models; BRF150, BRM180, BRL225, BRL250, BRP250, BRP300. radial-arm drills Models: R915L, R1200L, R1220MP, R1580MP, R1880MP, Twist Drill Grinders AFP30, AFP50 AFP80. Plus interesting pages on the factory background and history. 16 pages

Print code: B788

BROADBENT & SCHOFIELD Machine Tools. Complete Range Catalogue showing the machines as produced during the 1950s and 1960s. Includes: Lathes, Horizontal Plano-milling Machines, Vertical Boring & Turning Machines & Bar Reeling Machines. 72 pages.

Print code: B799

Brown & Sharpe Full-range Catalogue dated 1951: Milling, Grinding and
Screw Machines. 40 pages well-illustrated pages.

Print code: B800Z

BROWN & SHARPE "Construction & Use of Milling Machines". Wonderful 230-page book published in 1900 showing the company's products, accessories and work samples. High quality reproduction enlarged to A4. 230 pages.

Print code: B860

BTM Watchmakers' Lathe: Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues. 4 pages of detailed descriptions and pictures.

Print code: B906

BUTLER Full-range Catalogue circa 1940s to 1950s. superb illustrations showing planers with Spur-gear and spiral electrical drive, openside crank planers, axel box planer,traverse-head shapers, crank shapers. toolroom shaper, draw-cut shapers, punch slotters, high production slotters and precision slotters. 218 pages.

Print code: C100C

CINCINNATI Milling Machines and Universal & Reamer Grinders: Full-range catalog dated 1913. A superb, beautifully-illustrated publication that shows the full range of both geared heads and belt-drive "cone" machines, all their many and varied accessories together with a "Tour of the Works" and a number of interesting technical articles detailing the machines' design and construction. 134 pages. £85 CINCINNAT Milling Machines and Universal & Reamer Grinders: Full-range catalog dated 1913.

Print code: C100D

CINCINNATI Milling Machines and Universal & Reamer Grinders, Centreless Grinders and Cylindrical Grinders, etc. Full-range catalog dated 1924. A superb, beautifully-illustrated publication that shows the full range of both geared heads and belt-drive "cone" machines, all their many and varied accessories together with a "Tour of the Works" and a number of interesting technical articles detailing the machines' design and construction. 134 pages. £85

For other catalogues see:

Print code: C100E

CINCINNATI Full-range Catalogue 1961 "Over 70 Years of Progress". A Rare 74-page publication listing Milling Machines, Broaching Machines, Cutter and Tool Grinding Machines, Grinding Machines, Grinding Wheels, Selective Hardening Machines, Metal Forming Machines, Special Machine Tools and numerous types of Accessory.
For other catalogues see:

Print code: C11

Cataract (Hardinge) Unfortunately there was never a "Manual" for the Cataract lathe and millers - but there is a wonderful full-range Catalogue showing all the Precision Bench and Screwcutting Lathes (including a complete catalog for the wonderful "Quick-Change" model), Milling Machines, Automatic Gear and Pinion Cutters, Drills and the full accessory range made from the early 1900s to the early 1930s.

Print code: C11B

CATARACT (Hardinge) Wonderful Full-range Catalogue of Precision Lathes & Millers of the 1930s. Includes bench precision lathes, milling machines of the MD3, MD4 horizontal millers, BB2V (the vertical version of the horizontal BB4) and MD5 (horizontal with conventional overarm) types. Automatic Gear & Pinion Cutters, Drills and the full accessory range. Although not a handbook, there are many descriptive and illustrative details of the machines' construction, drive systems and countershafts including sectional drawings of the various headstocks. 50 pages.

Print code: C11F

Data pack of all Cataract Machine Tool Literature that gives a complete picture of the company's products.Items can also be purchased separately.

Print code: C356

Clausing full-range Catalogue showing the lathes of the 1960s and 1970s. Contains full details of all the lathes (including imported and re-badged English Colchester models): 17 -inch, 15-inch, 13-inch; 6900 Series (14-inch); 5900 Series (12-inch); 4900 Series (10-inch) and Accessories for the full range. Vertical and Horizontal Millers and Drill Presses. 82 pages.

Print code: C360D

Clement Watchmakers' Lathes: all known literature:

Print code: C389

C389 COLCHESTER LATHES - Factory Tour 1960s showing elements of the manufacturing process, assembly, etc. 22 pages.

Print code: C389X

Colchester Lathe Catalogues - late editions from the 1950s. All 1930s to early 1950s are listed.

Print code: C5

CARSON Tool & Cutter Grinder. Not a manual but a Sales, Accessories & Specification Catalogue but with a page having as sectional drawing through the headstock with instructions concerning the bearing adjustment procedure.

Print code: C50X

CHURCHILL Grinding Machines. Full-range Catalogue circa 1930s to 1940s.
206 superbly-illustrated pages with full specification details.

Print code: C50XX

CHURCHILL Grinding Machines. Full-range Catalogue circa 1940s to 1950s.
121 superbly-illustrated pages with full specification details. £65

Print code: D10

Unfortunately there never was any sort of Instruction Manual for Dalton lathes but I have collected together a set of interesting sales catalogues that cover the Combination Machine and the 7-inch, 8-inch and 9-inch lathes.

Print code: D112

DERBYSHIRE (USA) Precision Watch & Clockmaker's Lathes and Micromills: complete Catalogue early 1940s (red cover). This is the version with 46 extra inserted plate photographs. 62 pages.

Print code: D112A

DERBYSHIRE Precision Watch & Clockmaker's Lathes, Micro Drill and Micromills: Complete Catalogue late 1940s & 1950s products (red cover). 52 pages.

Print code: D112B

DERBYSHIRE Precision Watch & Clockmaker's Lathes and Micromills: Complete Catalogue 1956. 80 pages.

Print code: D112D

DERBYSHIRE Precision Watch & Clockmaker's Lathes and Micromills: complete Catalogue 1970s & 1980s products (green cover). 47 pages.

Print code: D112E

Derbyshire Lathes Types 750, Model A and Models 460 (flange-mounted motor) Sales Catalogue.31 pages

Print code: D112F

DERBYSHIRE - all the information and illustrations that are different (there was much duplication in the Company's catalogs) extracted from a collection of five Derbyshire Catalogues from the 1940s until recently that gives a complete picture of the company's products and enabling identification of rare and unusual accessories. 127 pages.

Print code: D150B

Dominion Woodworking Machines Catalogue Collection - beautifully illustrated.

Print code: D20C

D20C DEAN, SMITH & GRACE 1950s Full Range Sales and Technical
Specification Catalogue (small format) 24 pages.

Print code: D20G

DEAN, SMITH & GRACE Book "A Little Farm Well Tilled". A well-illustrated and interesting publication circa the early 1960s covering the history of the Company.

Print code: D244R

Everything for Drummond Machine Tools - a high-quality, enlarged to A4 publication. Includes the following separate publications bound as one: Drummond Hints to Purchases of Lathes (1920 - text only). 19 pages. D244A Drummond: Very early Catalogue for 3.5" Model B flat-bed lathe. 8 pages. D244C Drummond Very early lathes: Full-range Catalogue. 45 pages. D244CA Drummond 1921 3.5-inch Model A. Sales & Specification Catalogue. 12 pages plus 2-page letter from the makers. D244D Drummond 4" Type A ROUND-BED: Sales & Specification Booklet. 12 pages.

Print code: D80

DENBIGH "Machine Tools" A full-range catalogue showing all the machines made by the company: milling machines, drills, lathes, fly presses, foot-lever presses, couplings, moulding machines, hacksaws. polishing and grinding spindles, tool grinders. A collection of literature spanning from the 1920 until the late 1960s. 70 beautifully illustrated pages.

Print code: D80D

Denbigh Milling Machines Catalogue set with 24 pages: Model "M" 4 pages. Model D 4 pages. Model J.V.S. 4 pages. Model C Catalogue 1st Edition 4 pages. Model C Catalogue 2nd Edition 4 pages. Model J 4 pages. 

Print code: DATA

We receive a huge number of requests for machine-tool specifications - especially weight, size, speeds and capacities - and, while we are always pleased to help, these can take some time to research and answer.

Print code: E278

ENCO 4-way and 12-position Quick-change toolpost, self-indexing toolpost, 4-way toolpost to mount on the cross slide and replace the lathe top slide, cross-slide hexagon turrets. tailstock turrets, bed-mounted hexagon turrets, rotating centers, magnetic bases, etc. Very detailed, well-illustrated catalog with listing of all sizes, dimension charts and fittings, cut-though drawings, etc. 24 pages.

Print code: E330

ESEWAY Hardness Testers.

Print code: F20

FAVORITE General Watchmaker's Tool Catalogue that lists and illustrates every conceivable tool and accessory for the watchmaking trade. Also includes the dedicated Favorite No.2 and No.3 lathe catalogues. 325 pages. A perfect reproduction; scanned at very high resolution and printed on a top-quality 120g paper.

Print code: F350

Froidevaux (Albert Froidevaux of Switzerland, the "AF" Company) Catalogue of Tools For Watchmakers and Jewellers dated 1954. 195 pages of virtually everything used in the horological trade for the manufacture and repair of watches and clocks, etc. English, French and Spanish text. A high-quality bound reproduction. 195 pages  AF lathes shown here

Print code: F36A

FELL Wood Working machinery. Complete and detailed Full-range Catalogue Circa 1948. 169 pages.

Print code: F44

F44 Fischer (George Fisher +GF+). Explanatory catalogues explaining the function, tooling and one-off applications for Fischer lathes.

Print code: F48

FLOTT Drills Catalogue collection - older to newer.TB-6 high-speed miniature (2 pages); SB23 V-belt drive Mk.1 and Mk.2 (4 pages);
SB23St variable-speed drive (2 pages); full range catalogue (16 pages) showing the types: SB32STV and SB32V,
SB32ST and SB32,SB25STV and SB25V, SB25ST and SB25, SB23L, TB23L, TBZ23L, SB16ST, TB16ST, TBZ16ST, SB16, TB16 TBZ16,
15ST, SB15, TB15, TBZ15, 15G, SB15GL, TB15GL, TBZ15GL, TB6S, TBZ6S, SBM3ST, TB3ST,TBM3ST, SBM3, TBM3,
TB13ST(E) Electronic, SBM2, TBM2, SBM2ST, TBM2ST, TB210 and TB10ST (24 pages in total) £38

Print code: G105A

GARVIN (USA) Superb full-range Catalogue 1906 with engravings. Shows a huge collection of machines including: millers, lathes, a wide range of lathe accessories, tapping machines, profiling machines (slotters), dividing and indexing attachments, milling accessories and cutters, machine vices, tool & cutter grinders, surface grinders, die-slotting machine, screw machines (capstans), tapping machines, drills, spring coiling machines and countershaft units, etc. A wonderful book of early American machine tools. 214 pages.

Print code: G120

George Adams: Watchmaker's Plain and Screwcutting Lathes. Catalogue 1931 (covers most of the lathes and milling machines marketed during the period the period 1910 - 1940) Profusely illustrated.

Print code: G120A

GEORGE ADAMS 1907 Catalogue - Precision & Larger Lathes & Attachments. 12 pages.

Print code: G120B

George Adams: Woodworking Tools. Catalogue 1925. Every tool connected with woodworking & associated trades.

Print code: G150

GOODELL-PRATT (USA) Whole range Tool Catalogue 1926 including their range of small lathes. 400 pages.

Print code: G175A

GRAND RAPIDS (Gallmeyer & Livingstone) Surface Grinders. Nine Deatiled Catalogs showing probably the full range as made from the 1940s until the 1970s. 116 pages

Print code: G265

GRIMSTON Drills and other machine tools. High-quality reproduction of the complete maker’s catalogue collection covering from the 1940s to the 1970s. Includes the full range of geared-head drills the E46, LE46, AH, S, E47, LE47, E44, E45, LE44, LE45, E46, LE46, E47, E48, E49. Belt-drive bench and pillar drills Models 1B and 1P, Drills with power down feed, Ganged Production drills, versions of the various models as Box Column types, All-geared 24” General-purpose Drills, belt-drive drills, No. 1 Compound Table, No.

Print code: G290

GSP Guillemin, Sergot, Pegard Machine Tools, Paris. Catalogues showing the company's Shapers (4 pages), Vertical Drilling & Boring Machines (2 pages) and Radial-arm Drilling Machines (12 pages)

Print code: H100

HAUSER rare All-Models Catalogue circa 1950 - Jig Borers, Jig Grinders, Optical Checking & Measuring Instruments, Special Automatic machines for Watch and Instrument making. 16 pages

Print code: H100A

HAUSER rare All-Models Catalogue circa 1961 - Jig Borers, Jig Grinders, Optical Checking & Measuring Instruments, Special Automatic machines for Watch and Instrument making. 38 pages

Print code: H100B

HAUSER General catalogue (1986) showing: Jig Grinders Models 50L, 50 and 40, Model 2, Model 3. Jig Borers No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3. CNC Controls Types 111, 314 and 311. Profile projectors H751-111, P750-DR, P750, H601, H560, H300. Workshop measuring microscopes Types H302 and H30. hardness testers 249A Vickers, 292-DR Rockwell and a number of Special machines. 16 pages

Print code: H100C

HAUSER Manufacturing Programme 1982 Catalogue. Shows:. Jig Grinders 2SO, 2S-DR, S3-DR, S3-111, S3-CNC211, S3-CNC311, S40-111, S40-DR, S40-CNC211, S40-CNC311, S50-DR, S50-111, S50-CNC211, S50-CNC311, S50L-111, S50L-CNC211 S50L-CNC311. Jig Boring Machines Size 1, Size 2, Size 3. Profile Projectors H300, H560, H601, H751-111. Workshop measuring microscopes H301 and H302. hardness Testers 292DR and 249A and a number of Special machines: transfer lines, Pivot polishing, automatic multi-spindle drill, milling and tapping. 8 pages.

Print code: H100Y

H100Y HAUSER Tools & Accessories for Jig Grinders. Sales & Technical
Specification Catalogue. 20 pages.

Print code: H12

HAMILTON Machine Tool Co. (USA) Lathes & Planers. Comprehensive Catalogue circa 1913 - 1915 showing the machines generally available from around 1905 to 1920. 64 detailed pages.

Print code: H120

HEALD Grinding Machines. Interesting Full-range 1912 Catalogue 118 pages. High-quality reproduction.

Print code: H120B

HEALD Detailed 1971 All-Models Catalogue showing all the Model A Bore-Matics, Bore-matic Attachments, Slide Units, Borizers,Transfer Machines, Universal Grinding Machines, Boring Heads, No. 3 Tool & Cutter Grinder, Internal Grinding Attachments, all Gage-Matic and Size-Matic Models 58 pages.

Print code: H160

Joshua Heap - Heap's Screwing Machines. Detailed, full-range Technical Specification Catalogue showing every variety of model made. Available as the maker's original, hard-back copy of a high-quality reproduction. 90 pages.

Print code: H237A

Hendey Lathes: "Modern Engine Lathes". This is the best publication for getting to grips with the earlier Hendey Models. A beautifully illustrated and comprehensive 67-page catalog-cum-handbook it shows the complete lathe range as it was in the early to mid-1920s showing both cone and geared-head models and the complete accessory range of slide rests, capstan attachments, steadies, collets, tools, coolant equipment, chucks, taper-turning units, the various electric drive systems and countershafts, etc.

Print code: H237E

Hendey "Factory Tour" photographed by Robert Yarnall Richie. A Souvenir Publication in large format, giving a complete photographic tour of the works from the boardroom to dispatch department. Dozens of fabulous pictures and descriptions. 64 pages.  Also available, a similar publication for American Monarch lathes

Print code: H237Z

Reproduction of "The Hendey Book" - a company celebration publication dated 1922. 110 pages. £65

Print code: H360

HERKE Tapping Machines. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue. 9 pages.

Print code: H468

HESTON & ANDERSON (USA) Detailed, well-illustrated Woodworking Machinery Catalogue and Price List for 1934. Covers: Band Saws, Table Saws, Cutter Heads, Wood Lathes, Wood Shapers (spindle moulders), Planers ("Ball Bearing Jointer"), Swinging Cut-off Saw and numerous Accessories 32 pages.

Print code: H4A

HABEGGER Complete Range Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue early 1950s. Some English but mostly French & German text.(not a first-rate copy, but the information is complete and readable) 49 pages. 

Print code: H4D

Habegger Special Accessories for Precision Lathes Catalogue. Shows all the different beds, headstocks, tailstocks, stands, drive systems, accessories, collets, chucks, slide rests and production equipment, etc. 27 pages.

Print code: H4Z

HABEGGER Catalogue Collection comprising:
H4 HABEGGER lathes Complete range Catalogue with Accessories, Stands, Drive Systems and Tooling. 70 pages.
H4A HABEGGER Complete Range Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue early 1950s. Some English but mostly French & German text.(not a first-rate copy, but the information is complete) 49 pages.
H4B HABEGGER Toolroom lathe JH102 for bench mounting. Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue. 6 pages.

Print code: H674

HJORTH (USA) Precision Bench Lathe. Beautifully illustrated Catalogue No 5 60 pages.

Print code: H677

HJORTH (USA) Precision Bench Lathe Catalogue No. 12 with unusual and interesting lathe accessories. A complete, high-quality reproduction. 60 pages.

Print code: I10

IME Watchmakers' Lathes & Drills: Traditional and later Types (Models 100 & 300). A complete Data Pack with copies of all known Sales and Promotional literature including two copies of the drills catalogue. All the original rather small original illustrations and charts have been greatly increased in size for improved clarity. 32 pages.

Print code: I300

INVICTA, Elliott (& Alba) Shapers. Sales, Accessories & Technical Specifications Catalogues. A complete data pack that Illustrates and describes the constructional features of the range from the No.2 to the No. 30. Several editions included: an early print originally issued as a bound copy; an edition issued as a set of loose sales sheet; a publication showing the 18", 24" and 30" "Major" Types and three additional publications featuring the later Elliot-badged M, MR and S-Series Machines and a number of the Elliott/Alba machines made in the same factory. 68 pages.

Print code: I900

IXL Lathes. Sales & Technical Specification catalogue showing the most common models: 5-inch Model W3 (with bar-braced headstock), Model A.K.T. and Model A. 4 pages.

Print code: J70R

Jones and Shipman Full-range catalogue from the 1940s. Grinders, Drills, Tool & Cutter & Twist-drill Grinders, Cone Grinders, Drills, Tapping Machines, Honing Machines, Lapping Machines, Slot Millers, etc.

Print code: J70S

JONES and SHIPMAN Unusually detailed and well-illustrated sales & Specification Catalogue that shows the Company's entire range from thelate 1950s to the late 1960s. Includes precision grinders of all types, hoing machines, general machine tools, accessories and a 13-page addition titled "Machine Tools for Special Applications". 104 pages.

Print code: J70U

Jones and Shipman Complete Grinder Range Catalogue (1947).

Print code: J70V2

Jones and Shipman full-range Machine Tool Sales, Specification & Accessories catalogue dated 1967. 71 pages

Print code: J70W

Jones and Shipman Complete Grinder Range Catalogue (1984) 6 pages. £10

Print code: J70X

"Jones and Shipman at Rolls Royce". Interesting, well-illustrated Advertising Booklet printed in 1962.

Print code: J70Z

Jones and Shipman Surface Grinders: full-range Catalogue, 1984.

Print code: K180A

Kearns Borers Equipment and Attachments. A detailed catalogue showing all the many accessories available for Kearns machines borers. 66 pages.

Print code: K627

KOLLMANN Plano-Milling Machines. Detailed and interesting full-range Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue covering Models M30, M31, M32, MV32, M33, M34, M40, M41, M42, MV42 M50, M52, MV52, DFF350, MB Series, MBV Series, MC Series, MF Series, MFV Series, MBV Series, MCV Series, VF5, VF5s, VF6, VF6s, VF5B, VF6B, SF and HZF, etc. 50 pages.

Print code: L110

K.O.Lee Universal Tool Grinders. Sales, Technical Specification & Accessories Catalogue. 20 detailed and well-illustrated pages showing the maker's full model range and all the accessories. For a copy of the K.O.Lee Tool & Cutter Grinder Operation Manual see:

Print code: L15

LAMBERT (S.Lambert S.A. Switzerland) "Machines de Precision". Wonderful catalogue (with French text) of watch and clockmaking machines of every conceivable variety: pivoting, milling, lathes, grinders, pinion and gear cutters, drills, tappers, pivoting, , 67 pages.

Print code: L19X

 LANDIS Universal Grinding machines. Full-Range catalogue for 1922. 56 well-illustrated pages.

Print code: L30B

LANG Lathes. 1960s Two General Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues - from the International Machine Tool Exhibition, Empire Hall, London, the other a "standard" issue. 32 pages.

Print code: L30Z

LANG Lathes and Other Machine Tools - 16th Edition Full-range catalogue covering machines made circa late 1930s to early 1950s. 160 beautifully-illustrated pages showing all the various types of lathe - standard, toolroom, boring & facing, production, capstan, Wickman, etc. with comprehensive screwcutting charts, clutch adjustment instructions, details of how to use the Universal Relieving Attachment, tooth-rounding machines (with operating instructions), presses, pumps, multi-disc clutches, etc.

Print code: L335

LEYTOOLS General Catalogue. A fascinating and detailed 16-page publication showing the extent of the company's products from simple hand-turned drilling machines to giant jigs, fixtures and servicing tools for the aircraft industry.

Print code: L380A

LODGE & SHIPLEY (USA): Condensed Catalogue December 1951 with Engine, Toolmaker, Gap & Oil Country Lathes, Copymatic, Duomatic and T-Lathes. 16 pages.

Print code: L389

LODGE & SHIPLEY (USA): Full Catalogue circa 1922/4 170 beautifully illustrated pages.

Print code: L390D

Logan "Powermatic" lathes. late Catalogue showing the final production machines in screwcutting and turret types. A detailed and well-illustrated catalogue. 34 pages

Print code: L441

LORCH & Lorch Schmidt - wonderful full-range, fully-illustrated Sales & Specification catalogue from circa 1910 showing watchmaker to backgeared and screwcutting lathes, milling machines, accessories, collets, production equipment, drive systems, etc. as produced from around 1890 to 1930 and later  (accessories for watchmakers' lathes barely changed at all after 1910). 76 pages.

Print code: L441A

LORCH General Catalogue shows the complete range of Precision Plain Turning & Screwcutting Lathes, & their accessories, current from the 1920s until the late 1930s. 42 pages.

Print code: L441B

LORCH: General Catalogue shows the complete range of Precision Plain Turning & Screwcutting Lathes, and their accessories current from the late 1930s until the 1950s. 40 pages.

Print code: L80

LeBlond (USA): Complete Range Catalogue 1921 Full of useful information and detailed component pictures. Small format enlarged to A4 (just short of USA "letter")

Print code: L89

LeBlond a complete, superb-quality, full-range Catalogue dated 1921. Full of useful information and

Print code: L91

L91 LeBlond: A superb,  well-illustrated Complete Range Catalogue early 1950s showing lathes
as made from around 1946 to the late 1950s. Includes Heavy-duty Engine, Tool Room,
Dual Drive, Sliding Gap bed, Hollow Spindle, rapid production, Regal Models, Turret,
Automatic, Crankshaft, Universal Crankshaft, Important Features, Accessories, Attachments,
Drive Systems and the Cutter Grinder 103 pages.

Print code: L95

LeBlond General Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue. 1941 Edition 16 pages.

Print code: M1000

Myford Lathe & Milling Machine Catalogue Collection consisting of virtually every catalogue - including the very first issed (less duplicated content) for the following lathes: Myford M-Type (and associated Drummond M-Type) Myford ML7, ML7 Tr-Leva, Super 7, Super t Plus, Super 7 Sigma Plus, Super 7 Connoisseur, ML7R, ML10,  Myford 254 and variants, Myford ML1, ML2, ML3 and ML4, 4-inch Precision MF32, MF74, etc.

Print code: M200

Midsaw Woodworking Machines Catalogues: Includes the "Universal Woodworker" Midsaw "All-in-One" Multi-purpose Woodworker with illustrations of its various functions (saw bench, boring machine, surface planer, planer and thicknesser, tenoning, mortrising and molding machines) and pages showing the Company's bandsaws, sawbenches, spindle molders, stair string machine, planers and horizontal belt sanders, etc. 16 pages

Print code: M200F

MURAD Sales Catalogue "The Customer is Always Right". 16-page booklet outlining the company's products and history.

Print code: M575B

MISAL Manufacturing Programme Brochure. Full range of lathes, milling machines, drills, saws, grinding machines & shapers, as manufactured in the 1960s and early 1970s. 24 pages

Print code: M600B

MITCHELL Catalogue Collection covering most models made from the 1950s onwards including the Junior 70, GVM6, NM Series, OM Series, VM Series, DM Series, OM Series, NM Series (in all flat and V-bed types) M-Type, L-Type, and the 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 10.5, 12.5, 14.5 and 16.5-inch Lathes. 152 pages.

Print code: M815

MONARCH Lathes USA. "Factory Tour" booklet published 1938 and titled "Features of Monarch Lathes" This is a superb production illustrating all aspects of the Monarch production process from casting and forging, gear cutting through machining, quality checking, wear testing and metallurgy. Includes details of design characteristics, bed-proving procedures, lubrication systems and the testing and inspection department.

Print code: M815A

MONARCH Lathes USA "Features of Monarch Lathes" booklet. Comprehensive and beautifully illustrated 56-page edition clearly describing the special design features and accessory offered by Hendey. Dated 1935 and showing features used from the 1920 to the 1940s.

Print code: M815B

MONARCH Lathe Accessories (1930s). Superbly illustrated 40-page production showing not just the accessories but also the specification and design features incorporated in the company's lathes.

Print code: M815C

MONARCH Lathe Catalogue circa 1919 - not a manual (there were non for the
early lathes) but precise technical details are given of a huge range of
Monarch lathes and accessories of the type built between 1909 and approximately
. If you have an early Monarch lathe, this seems to be the only data

Print code: M8L

MAHO 60 Years Anniversary Booklet (1920 to 1980) with English text.

Print code: MA470

Taiwanese Mill Drills badged as Naerok, Warco, Nu-Tools, Sealey,  Whitecote, Excel, Draper and Ajax, etc. . Covers the Types FR-30, RDM-400/500M/500MF, "Minor", "Major" and similar variants. A double-edition manual that will help with all versions.

Print code: MA660

ARCHDALE RADIAL-ARM DRILLING MACHINES - Data Pack: Most of the Company's radial-arm drills appear to have been covered in a Publication with the title: "Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Types". This Data Pack also includes two electrical schematics and the Installation, Maintenance, Operating & Lubrication Instructions for drills marked "14567", "14713" and 14582 together with Spare Parts Manuals (but not operation instructions) for the "14582" and the smallest model in the range, the 38-inch "Sensitive" Type "2248" (the latter is a "photographic" listing.

Print code: MB132

Barnes (Micromatic Hone Corporation) Honing Machines. A booklet - Fundamental Principles Used in the Honing Process (As issued with the Barnes drilling machines manual)

Print code: MB535

Britannia - a complete compendium of Britannia literature consisting of 313 pages from three publications by the Britannia Company in 1890s to advertise their lathes and show how to use them in technical schools (this covers covers every aspect of lathe work including a useful section on ornamental turning, ornamental attachments and spinning).

Print code: MB655A

Brown and Sharpe Screw Machines. Detailed 70-page Catalogue of Screw Machine Tools, Spring Collets and Feeding Fingers.

Print code: MB656KATT

Brown and Sharpe Automatic Screw Machines Attachments - Repair Parts Manual

Print code: MB656N

Brown and Sharpe Automatic Screw Machines. Construction and Use Manual - a wonderful 333-page book written for the operator showing every aspect of how the machines work and to set up and operate these incredibly reliable and robust machines. Includes care of the Machine, Adjustments, Standard Tooling, Automatic Turret Forming, Cutting-off and Screw Threading, How to Design and machine Cams and the various Attachments.  Increased in size from A5 to a more easily-read A4 and, in addition, many small drawings further increased in size for greater clarity.

Print code: MC545

CRAWFORD Collets Data Pack: standard collets and Crawford Multi-Bore Collets and Collet Chucks in standard and power-feed forms (Pneumatic and Hydraulic): a three-part book, the first with applications by makers, a second 41-page identification section with drawings of collets and their dimensions and a third edition showing the.

Print code: MD300K

"Delapena Recommended Honing Speeds & Honing Stone Pressures" - a useful booklet that helps to get the best from any make of honing machine.

Print code: MD382

DIAFORM Wheel Dressing Attachments - a Complete Guide to the Diaform unit and how to employ it successfully. English and French text.

Print code: ME112Z

ELB Surface Grinders: Not a manual but an interesting and thorough Technical Guide
to the Design and Construction of ELB Grinders. 50 pages. 

Print code: ME255

Elliot & Victoria Dividing Heads. Covers all sizes including: 31/2", 43/4", 5", 6", 7", 9", 10" & 12". Detailed Operation and Maintenance Manuals with Dividing and Spiral Milling Charts and Illustrated Parts Lists. The complete set for these units.

Print code: ME436

ENGEL Roll Forming Machines - All-models instruction Manual. Includes a set of the maker's Sales, Specification & Accessories Catalogues.

Print code: MEIT001

"Machining For Toolmaking and Experimental Work" by the Engineering Industry Training Board. A detailed, easy-to-follow and well-illustrated course of instruction that covers: Turning, Milling, Shaping/Slotting and Surface Grinding with step-by-step guides. An ideal course for beginners to the subject.

Print code: MEIT002

Turning on the Lathe by the Engineering Industry Training Board - an Instruction Manual for Engineering Craftsmen. A detailed, easy-to-follow and well-illustrated course of instruction with step-by-step guides.

Print code: MEITmech

Mechanical Fitting For Engineering Craftsmen by the Engineering Industry Training Board. This covers, stage by stage with excellent illustrations: general workshop safety, standard symbols, marking out, clamping techniques, drilling and boring, machine tapping, hand grinding of tools, scraping flat surfaces and bearings, riveting, lapping flat and internal and external curved surfaces, inspection of machined parts, fitting new assemblies e.g.

Print code: MF01EXP

FANUC - A General Guide to the Operation of Fanuc Equipped Machine Tools.
Includes: General Operation, Operational Devices, Manual Operation, Automatic Operation,
Test Operation, Safety Functions, Alarm and Self Diagnosis Functions, Data Input,
Editing Programs, Creating Programs, Setting and Displaying Data, Graphics
Function, Display and Operation, etc.


Print code: MG500

Ghiringhelli and Pisoni (GP) Centreless Grinders. A General Guide for all Models with work examples using infeed (plunge), overhang and through-feed methods. Work supports, Lubrication recommendations, basic Maintenance, wheel balancing, workrest height adjustment, grinding wheel changeover, grinding errors and their likely causes, etc.

Print code: MG885B

Grinding: Precision Grinding Techniques - Jones and Shipman. Precision Grinding Techniques - a Primer. Covers the essential basics of Surface, Tool, Cylindrical Internal precision grinding. 87 pages.

Print code: MH360

HENDEY Lathes 1920 and earlier Operators' Handbook. Extracted from the full-range catalog-cum-handbook listed under Code H237A, this shows the construction and operation of the Company's lathes back to around 1910. Extensive screwcutting charts and operation of accessories: taper turning and 23 pages on the Relieving Attachment that shows how it works and tips on operating. The Relieving Instructions can also be applied to almost any make of lathe fitted with this system.

Print code: MH400A

Herbert Turret and Capstan Lathe Tooling - Two comprehensive, well-illustrated and detailed editions - one early with 22 pages and the other late with 82 pages - showing every variety of tooling made for these lathes. The original small dimensioned drawings that show the various sizes of tools available have all been scanned at high resolution and enlarged.

Print code: MH400DATA

A combined publication containing "Herbert Turret Lathe Work" and "Turret Lathe Tooling". All the data needed to run these manual production lathes. £95 (saving £30 on the individual prices)

Print code: MH790

HORNAMILL Milling Attachments. A Data Pack consisting of: Operating Instructions for the 3-way Lathe Attachment, Catalogue for the 3-way Milling Attachment, Powered Milling Attachment to Convert Horizontal Milling Machines into a Vertical Miller. 13 pages.

Print code: ML108

Lightguards Data Pack: three publications consisting of: "Lightguards Installation & Maintenance Instructions"; "Lightguards Manual for Infra Red Lightguards (with a section on faultfinding for the Mk.3" and a Set of Electrical Schematics labelled for Pearson, Bronx, BMF and unidentified press brakes.

Print code: ML125A

Logan Lathes. Early Instruction and Maintenance Manual book for the Logan and Montgomery-badged lathes with slender bed feet.

Print code: ML2A

LANCASHIRE Dynamo Nevelin Ltd. Variable-speed Drive. Instruction Manual with a large Electrical and General-arrangement Schematic. £65

Print code: ML5B

Landis Thread Cutting Equipment: Comprehensive Operator's Instruction and
Maintenance Instructions for Die Holders, Tangential Thread Chasers, Threading
Heads and Machines, Grinding Tap Chasers and the Operation of Collapsible
Taps, Special threads, Care & Operation of Threading Machines, etc. 182 pages.

Print code: ML97A

LEVIN LATHES - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual and Data Pack. LEVIN (USA) Precision lathes: Full Lathe & Accessory Catalogue. Dated 1950. 32 pages. LEVIN (USA) Precision lathes: Full Lathe & Accessory Catalog. Dated 1954. 36 pages. This is the first of the improved "glossy-photograph" editions. LEVIN (USA) Lathe Accessories, Heavy-duty Slide Rests, Circular Saws, Collets, Turret Tooling, Micro Drilling, Micro Drills. Publication circa 1960. 12 pages. LEVIN (USA) Price Lists: 1950, 1953 and 1958.12 pages.

Print code: MM510A

Matrix (Coventry Gauge and Tool Company) Measurement of Threaded Components. An unusually detailed Catalogue with explanations of how to use the various thread checking machines made by the company. Please note; this is a catalogue not a manual.

Print code: MN313E

OMT Horizontal High Precision Measuring Machine. Operating Instructions. 8 pages

Print code: MP770

PUCKERT Pneumatic Bar Feed. Operating and Maintenance Manual
with assorted set-up drawings and diagrams. Two editions are included.

Print code: MP9

PARKANSON Lathe - this is a copy of the South Bend 9-inch lathe and the very best Manual is the one produced in England for the South Bend clone made by Boxford. Unlike the South Bend book "How to Run a Lathe" this 170-page edition concentrates in detail on the 9-inch lathe. I have also added all the known relevant South Bend 9-inch data to give a complete data pack for the machine: operating instructions - extra comprehensive screwcutting charts with metric conversions for both the changewheel and gearbox models and other valuable data.

Print code: MR30

RAPIDOR Hacksaws Spare Parts Manual as Drawings and sixteen individual Sales and Specification catalogues from the 1920s to the 1970s showing virtually the entire range of the company's regular-production models including 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 20", etc., a number of special types including saw sharpening machines, girder saws, tyre saws (railway wheels), portable units, jigsaws and filing machines, rail saws, angle plates, screw-packing steel side cramps, machine vices, etc. and representing the complete known data set for this manufacturer. 64 pages.

Print code: MR391

Rigiva (Riva) "UO-A" Miller A Basic Manual with Dimensions, Electrical Diagram and Spindle section ITALIAN TEXT. This publication includes the comprehensive English-language publication "Handbook for Milling Operations" -shown below (which can be bought separately).

Print code: MS461

SANFORD (USA) Miniature Surface Grinder. Operator's Instructions and a 9-page Catalogue Set. A high-quality reproduction.

Print code: MS495

Scinta (also marketed badged as Scintilla, INCA and Lesto) Bar-bed lathe. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual and Sales and Specification Catalogues. This is a collection of all known data and includes a mixture of German, French and some English text. Includes many useful diagrams showing the construction of the lathe, screwcutting charts and Electrical Schematics. 100 pages of data.

Print code: MS500A

Scrivener (Wickman-Scrivener) : Equipment for Centreless Grinding: Shows the range of extras and how to apply them.

Print code: MS805EL

South Bend: "How to Run a Lathe". Detailed 128-page general instructions for a wide range of South Bend lathes. This is a very high-quality reproduction of the last high-quality, superbly printed "gloss-paper" editions (after which the reproduction was markedly inferior). Superb photographs and drawings. Includes a copy of the separate Bulletin set - an extra 84 pages: "The Installation and Leveling of a Lathe"; "Keeping Your Lathe in Trim"; "Keeping Your Lathe Clean" and "Oiling the Lathe".

Print code: MS805EL

South Bend: "How to Run a Lathe". Detailed 128-page printed one page per side A4 and so enlarged from the original smaller A5. General instructions for a wide range of South Bend lathes. This is a very high-quality reproduction of the last high-quality, superbly printed "gloss-paper" editions (after which the reproduction was markedly inferior). Superb photographs and drawings. Includes a copy of the separate Bulletin set: The Installation and Leveling of a Lathe; Keeping Your Lathe in Trim; Keeping Your Lathe Clean and Oiling the Lathe.

Print code: MS835

SUNDERLAND GEAR PLANERS: All Sunderland models worked in the same way and the Company published one excellent general guide together with a limited number of model-specific manuals for other types. Comprehensive 210-page Operator's Instruction Manual and catalogue. Detailed information on: principles of operation for cutting spur, spiral and double helical gears; reference tables and formulae (includes a note about Mold's ratios and demonstrates how to calculate them). Charts showing the changewheels settings for the models 30, 27, 26, 23, 19, 16, 5A, 5B, and  5C.

Print code: MS860A

SPV (S.P.V.) Tapping Attachments Instructions and Spare Parts as clear Sectional Drawings

Print code: MT170PL

Two TORNOS manuals on Cams: "Laying Out The Cams" and "Cam Design Instructions" - A detailed set of instructions explaining the theory and practice of operating a Tornos Automatic lathe most efficiently with a collection of clearly worked examples. For some unknown reason, the hard-bound maker's original "Laying out the Cams" manual repeated the first nine pages - these have been included just in case there are some small but significant differences (though I cannot find any).

Print code: MV233

VICKERS Pyramid Hardness Tester, Vickers Portable Gear-hardness Tester and
Vickers General Purpose Portable Hardness Tester. Working Instructions.

Print code: MV282

Vison Tool and Cutter Grinder. Instruction Book and Assembly Details. Includes a copy of the maker's Sales Catalogue.

Print code: MV999

Versamill Milling, Gringing & Slotting Attachment. Operator's Instructions.

Print code: MW200

MW200 Wood Machinist Training Manual - Construction Industry Training Board. A comprehensive guide to the safe use of: circular rip saws; Dimension saws; crosscut saws; surface planers; panel planers and thicknessers; setting out, marking out and cutting lists; hollow chisel morticers; chain morticers;
narrow bandsaws; single end tenoners; vertical spindle moulders; high-speed routers belt sanders - and storage. 380 pages. This is an original bound volume, not the reproduction shown in the price list. 380 pages. £95

Print code: MW582

MW582 WOLF Bench & Pedestal Grinders. Instruction Booklet. English, Dutch,
French and German text.

Print code: O100

OLIVER Woodworking Machinery Co. Ltd. Manchester. Full-range wood-machinery Catalogue including a selection of lathes. 450 pages.

Print code: O15

Oliver Machinery Grand Rapids USA. Full product line catalogue: saws, band & jig saws, surfacers, jointers, lathes, borers, tenoner & mortiser, shapers, grinders, vices, spindle shapers. 1960s & 1970s models.

Print code: P10NY

Pearce (Frederic Peace New York USA) Precision Lathe. Sales & Specification Catalogue. 16 pages.

Print code: P300

PINONDO Shapers. Full-range Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. English, French, German and Spanish text. 6 pages.

Print code: P415C

PITTLER: a set of three Catalogues that covers the complete range of traditional Pittler lathes and their many interesting accessories: 1) All-Models Catalogue Circa 1900. Descriptive Price List, Screwcutting, Spiral Cutting and division charts for the Pittler Universal Milling & Turning Lathes Models B and C. This edition by Pittler themselves, not the more common publication by their agents, George Adams. 60 pages. 2) All-Models Catalogue 1899 28 pages. 3) All-Models Catalogue & Descriptive Price List of W. V.

Print code: P415D

All the classic Pittler literature as one package. Includes the following

Print code: P428

P428 Pollard "Corona" drills. Full-range catalogue showing drills from the smallest to largest as sold in the style current circa 1920s to 1930s.

Print code: P470

POOLS Lathes: All known 3 Catalogues (one a "Poster") for the "Special", "Major" and "3-inch" and one for the milling machine. Also included are letters & prices from the manufacturer. 25 pages.

Print code: P5

PALLAS Milling and Surface Grinding Machines. 6 catalogues for the vertical and horizontal milling machines and three for the No. 0, No. 2 and No. 2Z surface Grinders. 22 pages in total

Print code: P521

POTTER (USA) Precision Bench Lathes (New York). Very rare Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue with accessories. 36 pages

Print code: P625

PRATT & WHITNEY (USA) Wonderful full-range Catalog dated 1897. Lathes, millers, drills, grinders, etc. (small format) 399 pages. We make every effort to ensure that the manual is of as high a quality as possible. It's in the form of a bound print from a very high-definition scan printed at 1200 d.p.i. onto a heavy, semi-gloss 120g paper that gives the best possible reproduction.  This publication is enlarged to a full A4 size

Print code: P625A

Pratt & Whitney Precision Machine Tools, Lathes, Jig Borers, Millers, Grinders, etc: full-range Catalogue, 1928. 140 pages.

Print code: R100

ROBINSON of Rochdale. Woodworking Machinery. All-Models Sales Book "Modern Woodworking Machinery" circa the mid-1950s shows machines made from the 1940s to the 1960s. 165 pages with photographs and full specifications of every machine made. A high-quality reproduction.

Print code: R175

REINECKER Lathes. Full-range Catalogue circa late 1920s early 1930s. 86 pages.

Print code: R175B

REINECKER Gear-cutting Machines & Special Machine Tools - Duplex Head Millers, Slot Milling Machines, Double Spindle Cylinder Boring Machines, Can Forming & Profiling Machine, Cam Copying machine, Twist Drill Manufacturing Machine. Catalogue circa late 1920s early 1930s. 120 pages.

Print code: R200

RICHARDS (of Manchester) Full-range superbly-illustrated catalogue: Horizontal Borers, Vertical Boring and Turret Mills, Vertical Slot Drilling and Keyway Cutting Machines and Side Planing Machines, etc. 170 pages

Print code: R200A

Richards (of Manchester) Vertical Boring and Turning Mills early catalogue. Beautifully Illustrated and detailed Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue. 55 pages.

Print code: R215

Richmond (Midgley & Sutcliffe England) Complete Product Range Catalogue for the Company's Milling machines including pre-WW2 publications for early and late Models "O", 1, !a, 2A, 2B, LHM, VHM, VM1, later Plain & Universal versions of the No.1, No. 2, No.3, OS3D, No. 4, No. 5 production miller, No.3 vertical, No. 5 Vertical, Turret-head miller,  14-60, Universal "Hyspeedmil" attachment, Milling Machine Accessories Catalogue, the Dividing Head Catalogue and Radial Arm Drilling Machines Catalogues. 136 + pages. Individual model catalogues also available.

Print code: R234F

Rockford General catalog 1956 including details of the last version of the "Economy" lathe and the company's hydraulically powered ram-type shapers, conventional and open-sided planers, a combination Shaper-planer, slotters and the Kopy-Kat duplicator

Print code: R234F

Rockford General catalog 1956 including details of the last version of the "Economy" lathe and the company's hydraulically powered ram-type shapers, conventional and open-sided planers, a combination Shaper-planer, slotters and the Kopy-Kat duplicator

Print code: R250J

Complete Rollo Catalogue set:
ROLLO Supreme 800 lathe. Combined basic maker's Instruction manual & Catalogue Set. 16 pages.
Rollo Combi Machine - lathe, miller, drill Catalogue and a small Rollo Company Catalogue. 8 pages.
Rollo R.A.S.C & R.E.M.E. Lathe. Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 4 pages
ROLLO ELF: Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue (round bed, Sturmey Archer gearbox model). 4 pages
ROLLO"Supras" Lathe. Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 4 pages

Print code: R466H

Rivett Patent Drawings. 91 interesting pages with details of many Rivett patents including such things as the 8-inch Precision Spiral Milling Attachment.

Print code: R467

A complete Rivett Data Pack consisting of
Workshop Manual and Instruction Manual. Army Issue Publication - Covers, in great detail, every aspect of the lathe and its use. Also applies, in general terms, to the earlier and similar 8-inch Precision. 140 pages. GBP45

RIVETT 608 Sales and Specification Catalogue with additional 6-page price list (1944 edition). A Superb copy from a mint-condition original. GBP35 F

Rivett 608 "Blue Prints" Sectional drawing and various assembly drawings.98 sheets. £35

Print code: S156F

SENECA FALLS "Star" Lathes: Data pack of all Sales Catalogues: includes items reference: S156, S156A, S156B, S156C, S156D and S156E

Print code: S160A

SENIOR a very interesting general Catalogue: Shapers, Planers, Drills, Milling Slides, Dividing Attachments, Castings, Chucks, Horizontal Miller & Tools for Engineers: 1940 64 pages

Print code: S160C

SENIOR Milling Machines: several full-range Catalogue 1950s, 1960s, 1970s
and 1980s
showing the development of the various models: 1950s, 1960s
(12 pages); 1970s (12 pages); 1980s (12 pages) an early Senior Catalogue.

Print code: S170D

SHELDON Lathes and millers. Whole Range Lathe, Millers & Accessories Catalogue 1955. Detailed and well-illustrated edition. 24 pages


Print code: S224A

SIP/Hauser Manufacturing Programme Catalogue 1970s. Shows the Types SIP640, SIP740, MP-42DR, MP-52DR, MP-44, MP-54, SIP 302M, SIP305M, SIP1002M, SIP3002M, SIP414M, SIP560M, "Omnisip", OPUS6, OPUs7, and "Logisip". 20 pages.

Print code: S225B-40

SIP (SOCIETE GENEVOISE) Full-range catalogue with pages dated 1944, 1945, 1946 and 1947 showing Jig borers Types MP-1H, 2C, 2H, 3K, 4G, Hydroptic-B, Hydroptic-7, Hydroptic-8, rotary tables, tilting rotary tables, twist drills, end mills, boring tool holders Type L, toolholders Type P, Thread Grinding Machine Type RU-2, Measuring Comparator Type F-7, Drum Dividing Machine Type MDT-65A, Circular Dividing Machine Type MDC-64B, Linear Dividing Machine Type DLA-1000, Universal Measuring Support Type U-10, Micro-Indicators MI-18 and MI-30, High Precision Micro-Indicator Type MI-6

Print code: S22B

SIP Jig Borer "Performance Data" Catalogue with 31 full-page illustrations of the jig borers in use together with notes of the time and cost savings involved. Issued for the American Market.

Print code: S235

SLOAN & CHACE: Two rare catalogues showing the: Precision Bench Lathe No.Five-and-and-half and No. Five together with their Accessories including the screwcutting attachment, compound slide rest, lever-operated compound slide rest, drill pads, V-centres, grinding attachment, tool-post grinder, steadies, boring rest, steady rest, revolving tailstock, faceplates, expanding chuck,spring collets and step chucks; Automatic Staff & Pivot Lathe, Precision Bench Milling Machines No.

Print code: S275

Sorby (Robert Sorby of Sheffield) General cataloge circa 2002 with Wood lathes and their accessories and all other Sorby products.

Print code: S3

 SACIA Universal Machine Tool - Vertical & Horizontal Miller, Borer, Drill, Slotter and Lathe Combination. Maker's Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 6 pages

Print code: S300C

South Bend: full-range Catalogue (Red-book Series) 1920. 64 pages

Print code: S300D

South Bend: "Junior" Catalogue 1923 (not the Junior lathe, but the smaller of the two Catalogues issued). 36 pages.

Print code: S300E

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue August dated 1924 (Catalogue No. 82). 52 pages.

Print code: S300F

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue August, dated 1927 - 1928 (Catalogue No. 87). 64 pages.

Print code: S300G

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue May 1928 (Catalogue No. 89). 76 pages.
It's in the form of a high-quality, bound reproduction print from a very high-definition scan printed at 1200 d.p.i.onto 120g paper.

Print code: S300H

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue June 1929 (Catalogue No. 90-A). 100 pages.

Print code: S300J

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue "Easy Payment Plan Catalogue" June 1929 (Catalogue No. 90-P). 100 pages

Print code: S301

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue dated 1931-32 132 pages.

Print code: S301

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue dated 1931-32 132 pages

Print code: S301B

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue January, 1933 76 pages

Print code: S301C

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue February 1934. 76 pages

Print code: S301E

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue October, 1935. 76 pages

Print code: S301F

South Bend full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue 1936. 75 pages.

Print code: S301G

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue 1937. 75 pages

Print code: S301H

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue January, 1938. 74 pages

Print code: S301J

South Bend: Full-size, Full-range Catalogue January, 1941. This beautifully produced, full-range catalogue is the one that shows the fullest details of the popular "Heavy 10" lathe in its various forms together with its accessories. 104 pages

Print code: S301K

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue, 1943. 48 pages.

Print code: S301L

South Bend: Abbreviated Full-size, Full-range Catalogue 1946. 8 pages

Print code: S301M

South Bend: Full-size, Full-range Catalogue 1966. 88 pages

Print code: S310G

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue 1952. A perfect, high-quality reproduction printed on a heavy paper and bound. 91 pages.

Print code: S310H

South Bend: 1955 50th Anniversary full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue (gold cover). 84 pages

Print code: S310J

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue January, 1956. 82 pages

Print code: S310K

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue 1958. 82 pages

Print code: S310L

South Bend: full-size, full-range Models and Accessories Catalogue January, 1963. 100 pages

Print code: S310M

South Bend: Full-size, Full-range, late-model  Catalogue 1966 showing the: geared-head Type 17-inch Turn-nado, 16-inch Toolroom, 16-24-inch Large Swing, 14.5-inch Toolroom, 13-inch Toolroom, 10-inch cabinet types, 10-K bench-mount Precision,9-inch Precision, 16, 13 and 10-inch Turret, Lathe Accessories, Vertical Milling Machine and Accessories, 7-inch Shaper and Accessories, 14-inch Drill Press and Accessories and the South Bend Hydraulic Press .

Print code: S535

SPRINGFIELD (USA) Lathes. general catalog showing the 14" Toolroom, 20" Medium Duty, and 25" Heavy Duty with specifications for 14", 16", 18", 20" 25" and 32" Medium and Heavy Duty Models.  Sales & Technical Specification Catalog (Maker's Bulletin 180) 1940s. 8 pages.

Print code: S550

STARK (USA) Very early Stark Catalogue (circa 1870/80) with the entire product range - lathes, accessories, drive systems, countershafts, treadle stand, special tailstocks, collets, Wheel & Pinion Cutters, Stark Plain Milling Machine, Stark Combined Universal Milling Machine & Wheel & Pinion Cutter, Damaskeening Machine and Automatic Staff Lathe. Shows sections through headstocks, the 4 lathe in various forms including with the milling attachment, the No. 3 lathe in various forms with accessories mounted First class, high-resolution production.  36 pages.


Print code: S60B

SCHAUBLIN: Full-range Technical Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue 1973 (Catalogue G20/73) Includes Interesting Factory pictures. 20 pages.

Print code: S60C

SCHAUBLIN: Full-range Technical Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue 1964 (Catalogue. 12/64 titled "Extract from our Manufacturing Programme) 28 pages. Lathes, Milling Machines & Accessories. 20 pages.

Print code: S6E

Sajo Milling Machine Accessories. A detailed and well-illustrated  Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue showing the Vertical Head Attachments, Head-lifting Cranes, Dividing Heads, Rotary Tables, Rack-indexing and Slotting Attachments, Machine Vice, Optical Readers, Milling Arbors and Mulit-feed stop. 16 pages.

Print code: S760

STEPTO (USA) Shapers: Full-range, very well-illustrated Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue 18 pages.


Print code: S765A

STIRK PLANING MACHINES. Superb 1938 Catalogue celebrating the firms long-time success with historical details of John Stirk and a number of interesting descriptions of how the machines developed and their technical; features. 40 pages.

Print code: S790

SUNDERLAND GEAR PLANERS: Very detailed Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue with an explanation of the Sunderland gear-generation system. 55 pages.

Print code: S880

SWIFT (UK) Magnificent Catalogue dated 1930 showing the Company's radial drills, girder drills, tilting and swivelling work tables, etc. 140 pages.

Print code: SL001

Tools for Shaping Machines and Lathes. A complete guide to choosing, sharpening and using correctly all the cutting tools likely to be used on a shaping machine or lathe. Includes details of the various types of tools available and how they are used; materials used and how to grind and form cutting edges, etc.

Print code: T1100

TOS Factory Tour. Anniversary Booklet 1973. Profusely illustrated showing machine-tool production in Czechoslovakia on the shop floor of the SKODA/TOS works with Lathes, millers, grinders, drills, etc. in production. Also gives a glowing account of the Communist paradise the workforce enjoyed - but fails to mention the single, Government-controlled TV channel, jailed dissidents and the Secret Police... 66 pages.

Print code: T1500

T1500 TURNER MACHINE TOOLS Wolverhampton. All- product range Catalogue. Centre & Capstan Lathes, Cutter Grinders, Shapers, Band Sanders, Grinders, etc. 48 pages.


Print code: T1800

T1800 TYZACK Catalogue circa 1935. A vast range of Machines, Tools and Accessories for metal and wood working. 243 pages

Print code: T1800A

T1800A TYZACK Catalogue Woodworking Machinery circa 1935. Well-illustrated showing: Motorised Universal Woodworker, combination fret saws and lathes, band sanders, saw benches, multi-function woodworkers, combination saw bench, planer and boring machines, Junior universal woodworker, mortising machines, wood and light-duty metal lathes, bandsaws, spindle moulders, box combing machines, fret saws, bench planers, thicknessers, portable saws, flexible-drive
units, etc. 36 pages.

Print code: T1800B

TYZACK ZYTO Machine Tool Catalogue Circa 1930s with machines and accessories by Zyto, IXL, Drummond, Myford, EXE, Milnes, Adept, "Ensign", Milnes, "Norvic" and Britannia, etc. 24 pages. 

Print code: T2F

TAYLOR (Charles Taylor Birmingham) Wonderful "Early Products" Catalogue: Spinning, Brass-finishers', Centre, Screwcutting, Polishing, Bench, Capstan, Plugging, Treadle and Special-purpose Lathes. Cock-boring & Tapping machines, Eccentric Chucks, ordinary Chucks, Sawing Machines, Brass-finishers' Milling machines, Tool & Cutter Grinder, etc. 75 pages.

Print code: test

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Print code: V30HA

VARNAMO Milling Machine Accessories: Individual Sales and Technical Specification Leaflets on the: Universal Index Centre D-5 and D6; Vertical Attachments V-1A, V-1H. V-2H, VU-3, VU-4A, Side-mounted Swing Holder for vertical head; Slotting Attachment S-1 and S-1A; Rotary Table RT-12; Rack Dividing Attachment RD-1; Machine Vice F-110; Gear Hobbing Attachment E-102 and E-102-D; Milling Arbors, Collars and Collet Chucks, 32 Pages.

Print code: V39

V39 VDF "Factory Tour" circa 1960s. A rare and fascinating review of the VDF works and how the lathes were designed and built. Many wonderful photographs showing the production and inspection processes from foundry to finished machine. 90 pages.

Print code: V40

VDF Lathes Sales & Technical Specification sheet circa 1940/50 4 pages

Print code: V41K

V41K VDF "Future Developments in the Field of Numerical Turning" Booklet 1962. 12 pages

Print code: W15AA

 WADKIN WOODWORKING MACHINERY. A fabulous full-range, highly-detailed and profusely-illustrated Catalogue from a time in the 1950s and 1960s when the Company's achievements were at their zenith. Includes: Lathes, Saws, Cross Cutting Machines, Spindle Moulders, Planing Machines, Planers & Moulders, Mortises & Tenoners, Sanding Machines, Routers & Borers, Pattern Millers, Grinders & Sharpeners. 300 pages.

Print code: W15AAC

WADKIN all-models catalogue dated 1962 illustrating and describing the: CC Cross Cutting and Trenching Machine, CW Hydraulic Cross Cutting and Trenching Machine, CJ Hydraulic Cross Cutting and Trenching Machine , PP Tilting Arbor Dimension Saw, DR 30” and 36” Band Sawing Machines, PUA Straight Line Edger and Power Rip Saw, RZ 16” Surface Planer and Jointer, FE 24” Panel Planing and Thicknessing Machine, RK 24” Panel Planing and Thicknessing Machine, FX 30” Panel Planing and Thicknessing Machine, FM 18” and 24” Surface Planing and Thicknessing Machine, EQ and EX Spindle Moul

Print code: W15Z

WADKIN "Bursgreen" Full-Range Catalogue dated 1965 including: 12" Tilting Arbor Saw Type MY, Extension Tables for sawbenches MY and AGSm 14" Tilting Arbor Saw Type AGS, 20" Circular Saw Type BCB, 24" Circular Saw Type BLY, 14" Universal Overhead saw Type BCK, Electric Snipper Cross Cut Saw Type BCT, Fret Sawing Machines Types BJS and BVT, 16" bandsaw Type MZF, 24" bandsaw Type BZB, 6" and 9" Hand-feed Planers Type FS, 12" Surface Planer & Jointer Type BJR, Roller-feed Planer & Thicknesser Type UO1/2, Combined Planer & Thicknesser Type UO/S, Vertical Spindle Moul

Print code: W22

WALDRICH SIEGEN Large Machine Tools. Full-range catalogue circa 1960s: High-speed lathes, Roll-turning Lathes, Roll Grinders, Planers, Combination Planer and Milling Machines. 16 pages.

Print code: W22A

WALDRICH Planers - circa 1920s to 1930s. Sales Catalogue showing the huge types made by this German specialist in giant machine tools. GERMAN text. 36 pages.

Print code: W22B

WALDRICH SIEGEN Well illustrated and very detailed Roll Grinding Machines Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue 1962 that shows a variety of models and their use, explains their functions, how to operate them, the use of accessories and shows a variety of roll-grinding operations. 56 pages.

Print code: W27

WANDESS Lathes. Sales & Technical Specification & Accessories Catalogue. 4 pages. £12
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Print code: W40

Ward, Haggas and Smith (Keighley) Lathes. Beautifully illustrated and
comprehensive Full-range lathe Catalogue circa 1931. 83 pages

Print code: W40A

Ward, Haggas and Smith (Keighley). Full-range Milling Machine Catalogue. Vertical, Horizontal, Bench and Plano-miller types. 32 pages.

Print code: W44F

W44F Webster & Bennett 1926-1930 Full-range Catalogue showing the Single Table 20" to 30",
Duplex Machines 20" to 48" (as sold mid 1920s to mid 1930s) with various combinations of features  and fittings together with the the new-for-1930 "High-Power" types.46 pages.

Print code: W50

WERNER (Fritz Werner) Full-range Catalogue 1950/60s - Milling Machines, Grinding Machines, Lathes, Drills, Dividing Heads, Milling Heads, Circular Tables, Vices, Cutters, Clamps, etc. 118 pages (small format enlarged to A4 for clearer text and pictures). English, French & German Text.

Print code: W50AZ

WERNER (Fritz Werner) Machines of the 1950s. Extensive Full-range Catalogue including millers sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 standard, production, duplex and special models with Accessories. Indexing devices, dividing heads, rotary tables, rack-milling attachments, slotting attachments, grinding machines, deep-hole drilling machines, 4-spindle drills, machine vices, clamping devices, cutters, optical comparator, "Mikrolux" mirror Gauge, Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder, Superfine Finishing lathe. Duplicate English, French and German Text. 118 pages.

All Parts

A proper, European-made, high-quality, machine-tool class on-off and reversing switch (it can also be used as a simple on/off switch) with a maximum capacity is 5 hp. It will run...

Strips of the correct density felt (made in Germany) that can be cut and packed into the holders: each strip is 150 mm long, 10 mm wide and 8.5 mm deep which is usually enough to...

Sold by various importers including Axminster, Chester, Warco, etc. The "920", "CT-918" lathe and other Model Numbers - a Chinese-made lathe that was, in effect, a developed copy of the...

No.3 Morse taper rotating centre: A heavy, large-bodied unit idea for use on Colchester Bantam, Student, Master, Triumph and similar 5.5 inch to 8-inch lathes such as the Harrison...

No.1 Morse taper tailstock rotating centre - suitable for wood or metal lathes.

For a No.2 Morse taper rotating centre see:...