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Dominion Woodworking Machines Catalogue Collection - beautifully illustrated. Covers: Wood lathes, Mortising Machines, 24" x 9" Panel Planer & Thicknessing machine, 14", 24" & 30" Bandsaws, Planer & Moulding Centre Cutter Grinding Machine Type BY, 6" "Handy" Surfacing Machine, 12" Surfacing, Jointing & Moulding Machine Type BP (with thicknessing Attachment), ,12" x 7" Surfacing & Thicknessing Machine Type ES, 12" x 7" Panel Planer & Thicknessing Machine Type EV, Cross-cutting & Trenching Machines, 16", 20" and 24" x 9"Surfacing & Thicknessing Machines Type DA, Open End Belt sanding machine Type DD, Belt Sanding Machines in 9", 12" & 14" sizes, Tennoning Machine Type BX, Tennoning Machine Type DZ, Saw Benches 16" to 38" Types EK, EF, AN, ET, AV, &AJ, Dovetailing Machine Type BK, Spindle Moulders Type BC, DV, and "The Handy", Cutting Gear Sets, Twin Wedgelock Cutterheads and a general price list, etc.73 pages.


All manuals are scanned at high resolution and supplied as a top-quality print, bound and on a superior 129g paper.

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