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Drummond Machine Tools: Data Pack for Round Bed and Flat Bed Lathes 1902 - 1946




M-Type 3.5-inch A B Round Bed Early flat-bed 3.5

Machine types: 



  • Catalog

Drummond Machine Tools: data pack of catalogues with all publications for the Flat and Round-bed models covering 1902 until 1946.

  • D244 DRUMMOND: Hints to Purchases of Lathes (1920 - text only). 19 pages.
  • D244A Drummond: Very early Catalogue for 3.5" Model B flat-bed lathe. 8 pages.
  • D244C Drummond Very early lathes: Full-range Catalogue. 45 pages.
  • D244CA Drummond 1921 3.5-inch Model A. Sales & Specification Catalogue. 12 pages plus 2-page letter from the makers.
  • D244D Drummond 4" Type A ROUND-BED: Sales & Specification Booklet. 12 pages.
  • D244E Drummond: Special Attachments & Accessories for Type A Round-Bed Lathes. 12 pages.
  • D244F Drummond M Type Lathe (31/2" flat bed): Sales & Specification Booklet (1930 - 1942 Model). Contains details of the essential headstock bearing adjustment technique. 12 pages.
  • D244G Drummond/Myford M Type lathe: The "transition" booklet when Myford took over manufacture in 1942. 12 pages.
  • D244H Drummond M Type Lathe: Special Attachments & Accessories Catalogue. 16 pages.
  • D244J Drummond: "Lathe Work". An interesting Works Booklet showing examples of Models and other projects by amateurs demonstrating the versatility and capacity of the Flat and Round-bed lathes. 24 pages.
  • D244K American Drummond Catalogue showing flat and round-bed models and accessories. 1912-1921 Models. 10 pages.

No manuals were ever printed for these machines, but we recommend a copy of The Amateurs' Lathe to assist you in their use and maintenance.


All manuals are scanned at high resolution and supplied as a top-quality print, bound and on a superior 129g paper.

Unless otherwise stated, all manuals are in English. We ship world-wide to all destinations.

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