Model: B

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Manuals for Model: B

Print code: MB375

Boxford Belt-drive Lathe Manual as a comprehensive Technical Data Pack. A complete, high-quality 228-page publication for all models of belt-drive Boxford lathe from earliest to last. Contains the best of the larger and far better early manuals with clearer pictures and drawings together with additional sections and charts not included in the original - including, for example, far better instruction about operating the tumble-reverse, backgear and apron controls for engaging the leadscrew and power-feed shaft.

Print code: D244X

Drummond Machine Tools: data pack of catalogues with all publications for the Flat and Round-bed models covering 1902 until 1946.

Print code: H678-HOFF

HOFMANN Dividing Heads Sales & Specification Catalogue showing the DTH, HTH,
HTH(A), UTH, HG, HTG, TSH-100, D, MT-125/3, Z, ZT, VTS, VTS+BV, VTSA-200, HMTH,
UMTH, UMTHS, MTS, ABS, ABL, EMT-100/1, EMT-150/2, EMT-160/1, EMT-180/3,
ETW/125-5, ETW/125-2, ETW, SETW/125, DT, DT(A), HTHD, ANC-240, NCT, HTH/NC,

Print code: L345

LIEBER Heavy-duty Lathes two Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues: one in English showing the Types A, B, S and SS and another in German showing the Types LP 00, LP 0, LP 1, LP 11, LP 111, LP 1V, LP V, LP V1, LP V1, LP V11, LPS 0 LPS 1 and LPS 11. 30 Pages

Print code: L444


Lorch Lathe Accessories for Models A, B and C. 19 pages

Print code: M450A

MILNES Lathes, Planers & Accessories Catalogue 1922 showing the Types R, G, B, X, Y, W, Z, I, N, D and K (ornamental turning) 41 pages.

Print code: MA445A

ADCOCK and  SHIPLEY No. 1 Milling Machine Models A, AA, AB, AD, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, M, N, P, and J with various feed arrangements including LSL, LLL, SSS, G, J, AH and M, etc. (these may appear on the machine plate ) Maintenance and  Operator's Instruction Manual. Includes three versions of the Technical Sales and  Specification Catalogue.

Print code: MB145G

Bechler Type B Automatic Lathes. Detailed Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual.

Print code: MB145K

Bechler Type A and Type B Automatic Lathes. Instructions for Calculating Cams and Production Times.

Print code: MB145S

Bechler A and B Lathes. 3-spindle Universal Combined Threading, centering and Drilling Attachment. Detailed Operating Instruction Manual for both the single and twin-belt types.

Print code: MB145U

Bechler A, AE, B and BE Lathes. Slotting Attachment. Detailed Manual for Setting up with Sectional Drawings, Annotated Photographs and Cam Design Instructions and Diagrams.

Print code: MC10

Cambridge Gas Analysis Equipment Models B. Operating Instructions.

Print code: MC510S

Matrix (Coventry Gauge and Tool Company) Type B and BB Surface Grinding Machines (sometimes badged Thompson-Matrix). Operator's Instruction Manual with Maintenance & Trouble-shooting Guides, lubrication and hydraulic charts and detailed technical descriptions of the machines.

Print code: MD100

Dean, Smith and  Grace Type A and B lathes from the late 1930s and into the 1940s (marked variously as A, B, 4AN, 4AV, 4BN, 4AB, 4BR, 4AR, 4ABR, 4BDR, 4BZ, etc). These lathes had simple lever control of spindle speeds together with pick-off gears inside the headstock for which instructions are given. Rather basic Instruction Book with Threading and Speed Charts and Clutch Adjustment details plus a splendid Catalogue (June 1948) showing the Model A & B lathes in all their configurations.

Print code: MD383

DIAFORM Wheel Forming Attachment . A Data pack with a copy of the Diaform Booklet "Form Dressing with the Diaform Wheel Forming Attachment" - a detailed guide as to what the machine can achieve with illustrated examples of work and issued with the the early Diaform Models A, B, AT, BT, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, R and 4B. Includes copies of the maker's Sales & Specification Catalogues.

Print code: MD383S

Diaform Servicing and Adjustment Manual for Vertical Types A, B, AT, BT, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, R
and 4B
. Includes several useful sectional drawings.

Print code: MD76

Davenport Model B 5-spindle Automatic Lathe. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance manual with many useful Sectional Drawings.

Print code: ME116

ELB Surface Grinders  SW3 to SW20 including B suffix models. Detailed Instruction and Maintenance Manual for all models .

Print code: ME116A

ELB Surface Grinder Model SW4: Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual. This is a detailed Instruction Manual for operating all models SW3,SW4/5, SW6, SW8, SW10, SW12, SW15, SW20, etc. including B suffix models. Includes two wiring diagrams.

Print code: MF10E

Fanuc System 6T-Model-B for 3-axes and 4-axes Lathes. Operator's Manual.

Print code: MF10G

Fanuc System 6M Model-B: Maintenance Manual.

Print code: MF10J2

Fanuc Series 0 and Series 00 Model B including Series 0-TB, 0-TTB, 0-MB, 0-GB, 00-TB, 00-MB and 00-GB: Maintenance Manual.

Print code: MF10M

Fanuc Graphic Conversion B/C for Lathe - Series )-TF and 0-TC. Operator's Manual.

Print code: MF11E

Fanuc 200 A/B Operator's Manual.

Print code: MF11H

FANUC Series 16, 18, 160, 180 Model B. Connection Manual - Hardware.

Print code: MG632B

 GKN Spark Erosion Machine Model B. Operating Instructions.

Print code: MH434B

Herbert Drills Types B, H, J and "V Junior" (precision bench large and small, precision column and multi-head unit): Spare Parts Manual as Photographs.

Print code: MH443

Cri-Dan Type B High-speed Threading Machine (also marketed by Herbert): Operating and Setting Manual.

Print code: MH443A

Herbert Sentinel Cri-Dan Type B High-Speed Threading Machine: Spare Parts Manual as Exploded Component Diagrams.

Print code: MH50

Hancock (Hanco-Mark) range of machines (cutting and profiling Types A and B all size). Detailed Instruction Manual, Parts Manual as Exploded Component Drawings and Maintenance and fault-finding Guides. Instructions.

Print code: MH590

Solex Low Pressure Column Indicator Type B. Installation Instructions.

Print code: MH620BCE

Hitachi Seiki 3NE-300 F-S6T Model B CNC Turning Centre. Electrical Diagrams - The original maker's edition was a poor reproduction and some pages are not as clear they might be. This publication is best sent to you on a DVD from pages scanned at high resolution.

Print code: MH740

Holbrook Model B No. 13, No. 17 and No. 21 Toolroom Lathes: Operator's Instruction Manuals plus Lubrication data, screwcutting charts and electrical diagrams. Includes a comprehensive Technical Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogue that clearly explains the machine's functions and capabilities.

Print code: MH740AA

Holbrook Model B No. 10 lathe. Operator's Manual

Print code: MK450B

Kerry (Q and S) Drill "Super 8" "Backgeared Type": Instruction Manual and Separate Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings - all scanned at high resolution and some, of the head, extracted and enlarged. Includes copies of early and late maker's comprehensive Technical Sales and Specification Catalogues. Covers all models: early "round" style A, B and S and the later more "angular" Series "U". A complete data pack for this most useful and versatile "backgeared" drilling machine.

Print code: MK575B

Kopp Variators B Series (Allspeeds): Instruction, Maintenance and Spares as Sectional Drawings.

Print code: ML10A

Lang B and CB Lathes: Detailed and very well-illustrated Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual.

Print code: ML71B

LeBlond Regal Lathes (13" to 19") early-1940s to the late 1950s. These were designated: A = 10", B = 13", C = 15", D = 17" E = 19", F = 21", H = 24". The lathes remained largely unchanged mechanically from their introduction until the late 1950s - although the stands and drive systems were modernized to make the machines more compact. A detailed and comprehensive Operation, & Maintenance Manual with a Parts Manual as clear Exploded Component Drawings. 98 pages.

Print code: MM170A

McIlvanie Century lathe Model B Standard and Toolroom Lathe: Machine Works Manual of Instruction and Illustrated Parts Manual.

Print code: MM420L2

Monarch Series 62 lathes. Operator's Manual together with a copy of the Monarch Air-Gage Tracer Type B Manual and a "Guide to the Lubrication of Monarch Lathes".

Print code: MN310FB

Newall-Keighley Fine Boring Machines Models A and B. Operating and Maintenance Manual with Electrical Schematics.

Print code: MP260

Pratt and Whitney Lathe 12" X 30" Model B. Operator's Instruction Book" (only 26 pages but very useful detailed information)

Print code: MP260A

Pratt and Whitney Model B 20-inch Lathe. Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: MP260B

Pratt and Whitney Model B 20" Lathe: Repair Parts List with Sectional and 3D Drawings.

Print code: MP269

Pratt and Whitney Model B 14-inch Vertical Surface Grinder. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual.

Print code: MP790JJ

Pullmax X8 Bevelling Machine, Model B - Operators manual and parts list as exploded diagrams.

Print code: MR150J

RICHARDS (George Richards and also found badged Staveley) "Electrabore" Boring and Facing machine. Covers all sizes (A, B and C) and sizes e.g. some being marked: WB15, WB20, WB30, WB40, WB50, etc,

Print code: MS527

Sheraton "9-Inch" lathe. The very best Manual is the one produced in England for the South Bend clone made by Boxford. Unlike the South Bend book "How to Run a Lathe" this 170-page edition concentrates in detail on the 9-inch lathe. I have also added all the known relevant South Bend 9-inch data to give a complete data pack for the machine: operating instructions - extra comprehensive screwcutting charts with metric conversions for both the changewheel and gearbox models and other valuable data.

Print code: MT118

THOMPSON Grinder Co. (USA) Surface Grinding Machines Models A, B, C, BB, 4C, 5C & 3B. Operating manual with bearing and other adjustment instructions. Includes sectional drawings through a number of parts.

Print code: MT120/MC510S

Thompson / Matrix (Coventry Gauge and Tool Company) Type B and BB Surface Grinding Machines (sometimes badged Matrix-Thompson). Operator's Instruction Manual with Maintenance & Trouble-shooting Guides, lubrication and hydraulic charts and detailed technical descriptions of the machines.

Print code: MW362

Wetzel Horizontal Boring Machines Models B and Models Q. Comprehensive Instruction Book with Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MY05A

YAMAZAKI MAZAK Precision Lathe Models A, B, C and D - sometimes marked as the Model MK530 (the carriage handwheel can be found both on either the left or right-hand sides of the apron). Operating Manual with Parts as Detailed Sectional Drawings. Includes high resolution pictures of the often worn-out screwcutting and feed chart and a copy of the maker's detailed and well-illustrated Sales & Specification catalogue. Although the operating instructions are basic, the rest of the publication is superb.

Print code: S525

STAR Watchmakers' Lathes. 7 Sales Sheets showing the boxed lathe sets B, C,  D, E, F, and R; the base-mounted with countershaft and motor Combination Set No. 9m.C. (Code 8896); the rare maker's reference No. 8901 stand-mounted unit with drawers, countershaft and light unit - this page showing the contents of the drawers. Also includes a page on the maker's simple "turns" version branded "IRA" maker's Reference 8881 and 8887. English French and Spanish Text

Print code: T117

THOMPSON Surface Grinders (USA) Two Catalogs covering the Surface Grinders Types C, B, BB and the Automatic Broach Grinding Machines and the 12" x 36" Universal Grinder model from the 1930s. 28 pages

Print code: Y110

Yamazaki (Japan) Lathes Types A, B, C and D. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue. 4 pages.

B Parts

Boxford lathe Tumble Reverse Gear Early Models
This gear is for all Models prior to Serial Serial No. 11-13513 - the introduction of the Mk.2 Models that have a single lever...

RING GEAR to repair the main spindle Bull Wheel (the larger of the two gears on the main spindle). Machine off the damaged teeth and shrink or Loctite the new gear in place. Can...

A high-quality, English-made casting to make a T-slotted cross slide for Boxford and South Bend "9-inch" lathes. It is also possible to make a T-slotted slide for other 4 to 5-...

Boxford lathe Tumble Reverse Gears Late Models with a 20-degree pressure angle
This gear is for all Models after Serial Serial No. 11-13513 and the introduction of the Mk.2...

BOXFORD Metric Micrometer Dial. Fits both the cross and top-slide scews of most models including: A, B, C, AUD, BUD, CUD, T, TUD, CSB. Most VSL lathes had a cross-feed dials of a...