GORTON Pantograph Engravers and Tool & Cutter Grinders. 1950s and 1960s Catalog.




P1-2 3-Z P2-3 P3-2 3-S 3-L 3-U P1-3 265-7 375-3 Graduating Machine 687-3 Gorton Roll Attachmenr Spit-Fire

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GORTON Pantograph Engravers and Tool & Cutter Grinders. Sales & Technical Specifcation Catalogue with comprehensive details of the models sold during the 1950s and 1960s. Covers the Types P1-2 (formerly the 3-U), 3-Z. P1-3, P2-3 (formerly the 3-L), P3-2 (formerly the 3-S), the Graduating Machine 687-3 for engraving micrometer collars, the Types 265-7 and 375-3 Cutter Grinders, the Spit-Fire Electric Arc Etcher, Motorised Spindles and all the many accessories including Adjustable Forming Dies, the Roll Attachment, Adjustable Forming Dies, Micrometer Down-feed Unit, Remote-control Downfeed, Uni-ball Depth Regulator, etc. 24 pages.


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