Hauser All-Models Manufacturing Programme Catalogue 1982

HAUSER Manufacturing Programme 1982 Catalogue. Shows:. Jig Grinders 2SO, 2S-DR, S3-DR, S3-111, S3-CNC211, S3-CNC311, S40-111, S40-DR, S40-CNC211, S40-CNC311, S50-DR, S50-111, S50-CNC211, S50-CNC311, S50L-111, S50L-CNC211 S50L-CNC311. Jig Boring Machines Size 1, Size 2, Size 3. Profile Projectors H300, H560, H601, H751-111. Workshop measuring microscopes H301 and H302. hardness Testers 292DR and 249A and a number of Special machines: transfer lines, Pivot polishing, automatic multi-spindle drill, milling and tapping. 8 pages.


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