HABEGGER lathes Complete Range Catalogue with Accessories

HABEGGER Lathes A superb, full-range Catalogue showing the lathes types OPT, OPTE, No.1 WTE No.55, Type 1 WT No.51, Type 2, No.71, Type 2 No.72, Type 2 No.73, Type 2 SG, Type TDLG, Type TDLE, Type DLZF, Type DLZG, Type ORTE, Type 3 RTE, Type 3F, Type 3 S, Type 4 SG, Type 4 SG-A, Type 5 ZG F, Type 6 F38, Type 6 F64, Type NDS 650, Type NDSE 650, Type ND 900, Type NDE 900, Type NDE/F-950, Type NDE/S-950. Screwcutting Attachments for the Plain-turning Lathes, Five different Drive and countershaft Systems, nine alternative designs of Headstock, Headstock raiser Blocks and variations of Pulley Design, Dividing Attachments, Milling Slides and Machine Vices, 3 and 4-jaw Chucks, Collets, Collet Closers, Centres, Faceplates, four alternative Tailstocks,  Capstan attachments and Capstan Tooling, alternative Screw and Lever-action Slide Rests for precision plain-turning and production work, Boring Bars, Toolposts, Turning and Boring Tools, Alternative Beds, Alternative Stands, Wood-Turning Rest, Steadies, Milling Table, 70 pages. £65 for a high-quality copy or a maker's original for £85 - for the latter phone 01298-871633 or, from overseas, ++44-1298-871633


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