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LOGAN Lathes (and 8-inch Shaper) Full-range Catalog - this is the most complete and detailed of the all the Logan catalogs issued during the 1950s and 1960s: Catalogue Code: 15-963-10M-MP (1963) with complete details of the lathes and their accessories showing:14-inch Model 6565 14-i nch Engine lathe and 6510 and 6560 versions; 6530 Turret lathe; the 12-inch models on different stands cataloged as the 255-V, 2525-V, 2535-2-V, 2545-2-V; the 11-inch models in all the versions "1955", "1925", "1935-2", "1915" and "1920". 10-inch lathes listed in all their specifications as the "1825", "1840-2", "1820", "1815", "1875" and 1830-2" and
the 9-inch range as the models 9828-1, 9828-21, 9828-41, 9828-61, 9817-1, 9817-21, 9817-41 . 24 well-illustrated  pages.


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