ARCHDALE 1 1/4" and 2" Vertical Drilling Machine Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual




1.25 2 28 30 radial arm

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ARCHDALE 1 1/4" and 2" Vertical Drilling Machine with a fixed head and sometimes marked Type 14589 Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Instructions - two editions: one for the stand-alone vertical drill the other for the same heads fitted to the radial-arm types; these manuals cover all known versions. The drill was also available with a number of different tables including compound screw-feed or plain types and shared its head with a number of radial-arm and other drills. The head can be recognised by its circular speed-selector dial on the front face, two levers immediately above set in a rectangular surround with one lever set in a cylindrical holder - medium-duty type - or a with a lever moving horizontally through a left-to-right saw-tooth gate for the light-duty version, a fine-feed handwheel set below and to the right of the spindle nose, usually a chin-supported counterweight at the back and the motor mounted vertically towards the back of the head and the top of the spindle end covered by a slightly tapered cover with a rounded top.).The table was either plain or a screw-feed or quick-action compound type. The two versions of the head  (mounted on a radial-arm drill) can be seen here: and here:


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