Coronet Major, Minor, Minorette & Elf, etc. Data Pack




ELF Major Minor Minorette

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Lathe, Saw, Shaper / Planer
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Coronet Major, Minor, Minorette, Elf, planers, band saws, sawbenches, etc. A complete data pack compendium for Coronet products consisting of: Instruction Sheets and handbooks for the Major, Minor and Minorette lathes; a full Manual for the later Major and the Major CMB500 "Multi-function" machine based on the Major. A full manual for the Minor and Minorette. A very interesting Coronet-published booklet "Wood Working and Wood Turning on Universal and Independent Machines"; a collection of interesting and useful very early to late Coronet advertising literature including the Major and Minor lathes, the Minorette Woodworking Centre and the Minorette "10-in-one" showing the mounting of each accessory including: Planing and Rebating Machine, Circular Saw Table, Mortising Attachment, Band saw, Disc Sander, Flexible Drive, Long-hole Boring, etc., plus changes to the specifications of the various lathes and other machines over the years. 148+ pages.


  • Operators Manual
  • Catalog
  • Other

All manuals are scanned at high resolution and supplied as a top-quality print, bound and on a superior 129g paper.

Unless otherwise stated, all manuals are in English.

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