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Coronet Major, Minor, Minorette & Elf, Major CMB500, etc. Compendium Data Pack




ELF Major Minor Minorette Minor 10 in 1 Home Cabinet Maker CMB500 Concord Consort

Machine types: 

Lathe, Saw, Shaper / Planer


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CORONET MAJOR, MINOR, MINORETTE, ELF (including the late-model Elf sold as a "Record", CONCORD, CONSORT, (etc) planers, bandsaws, sawbenches, etc.
A complete data pack compendium for Coronet products consisting of:
Instruction Sheets and Handbooks for the Major, Minor, Minor "10 in 1", Minorette and "Home Cabinet Maker" lathes. This shows how to assemble the machines and mount and maintain the many accessories - planer, thicknesser, saw bench, combination table, bowl turning, sanding table, wobble saw, combing jig, moulding block, bandsaw, mortising attachment, etc.
A full Manual for the later Major and the Major CMB500 "Multi-function" machine based on the Major.
A full manual for the Minor and Minorette.
A very interesting booklet: "Wood Working & Wood Turning on Universal and Independent Machines".
A collection early and late Coronet advertising literature including the Major and Minor lathes, the Minorette Woodworking Centre and the Minorette "10-in-one". These show the mounting of each accessory including: Planing & Rebating Machine, Circular Saw Table, Mortising Attachment, Bandsaw, Disc Sander, Flexible Drive, Long-hole Boring, etc. plus changes to the specifications of the various lathes and other machines over the years.
A heavy volume with 150 + pages of data.


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