Craftsman 6-inch Lathe Mk.1 Manual


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1 6-inch

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Craftsman 6-inch Lathe Mk.1 Models (the same as the Atlas 6-inch): "Type designations" stamped into the identification tabs on these Craftsman-branded models have included: 101.07301, 101.07300, 101.20140, 101.2048, 101.2048F, 101.2120, 101.2140 and 101.M1518 (for a special mica undercut version for electric repair-shop use) and the very early (and rather different) Type 101.07300 and 101.0730, etc) that employed an integral countershaft unit. A complete Data Pack consisting of: Operator's Instruction Manual with extra pages on chuck operation and care, a Spare Parts Manual as exploded Component Drawings and the essential screwcutting data and charts for inch and metric pitches (strangely missing from the original Manual). Also included are detailed Craftsman and Atlas advertisements detailing the technical specification and accessories - the main elements of these publications being the more informative Atlas publications. While the ordinary manual has just 8 pages this is a complete pack with 62 pages. Details of these lathes are on my web site at:



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