Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: C500

CRAFTSMAN/COMPANION/DUNLAP (USA): compilation of all 95 pages from the
Craftsman Catalogs that show metal-turning lathes. Covers: 1929, 1930, 1932,
1933, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942 and 1943 - when the
Catalog was withdrawn..then 1948, 1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1957
and 1960/61 93 pages.

Print code: MA739

ATLAS 6-inch Lathe Mk. 2 "square style" Model 3950. Click here for pictures (and the Craftsman-branded version). Operator's Manual with Spare Parts Manual as exploded Components & screwcutting charts for English and Metric threads. Includes a copy of the Sales & Accessories Catalogue. While the ordinary manual has just 12 pages this is a collection of 44 pages. To check the approximate price in US dollars visit:

Print code: MA743

Atlas (and Craftsman-branded) Milling Machine - Instruction Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual. Includes 3 different very detailed and interesting Sales and Specification and Specification and Accessories Catalogs showing all models with accurate descriptions of their construction, parts, controls and the extensive accessory range. This represents the totality of written and illustrated information about these machines. To check the price in US dollars visit:

Print code: MC500C

Craftsman 6-inch Lathe Mk.1 Models (the same as the Atlas 6-inch): "Type designations" stamped into the identification tabs on these Craftsman-branded models have included: 101.07301, 101.07300, 101.20140, 101.2048, 101.2048F, 101.2120, 101.2140 and 101.M1518 (for a special mica undercut version for electric repair-shop use) and the very early (and rather different) Type 101.07300 and 101.0730, etc) that employed an integral countershaft unit.

Print code: MC500D

Craftsman 6-inch lathe Mk. 2 "square style" (a "clone" of the Atlas 6-inch M.2). Operator's Manual with Spare Parts Manual as Exploded-component Drawings and screwcutting charts. Includes a copy of the Sales and Specification catalogue. Details of these lathes here:

Print code: MC500F

Craftsman 9-inch lathe Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual and Illustrated parts List. This edition is for the very early metal-turning lathe with the multiple V-belt drive. It was also sold with "Atlas" and "Metalmaster" badging.

Print code: MC500G

Craftsman 12-inch and Atlas 10-inch Lathes pre-1957: While the lathe remained basically the same for many years, with identical major components, various specifications were available with Model Numbers that included, over the years: 10-F, 10-D, TA36, TA42, TA48, TA54, TH36, TH42, TH48, TH54, TV36, TV42, TV48, TV54, H36, H42, H48, H54, V36, V42, V48, V54, QC42, QC54, etc. Also covers the UK-made Sphere, Halifax and Acorntools versions.

Print code: MC500H

CRAFTSMAN 12-inch LATHES late model from 1958 onwards - this model was identical to the Atlas 12-inch and sometimes labelled as the "Commercial".  It is found with the following Model Numbers (the suffix digits indicating some slight differences in specification, motor size, etc): 101.2890, 101.28900, 101.28950, 101.28910, 101.28940, 101.2758, 101.2759, 101.2895N, 101.2893N, 101.2894N, 101.28970, 101.28980, 101.2897N, 101.28990, 101.28991N and 101.28993N2, etc. Pictures and details can be found here in an article by myself:

Print code: MC500L/MA242

Craftsman Shaper Instruction Manual and Parts Manual Click here for pictures This is the comprehensive (and rare) edition produced for the UK market, not the simple spares list issued in the USA. Includes the first-edition, beautifully illustrated Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogue (No. 30 and ) additional pages from later Catalogues.

Print code: MC500M

Craftsman (made by Atlas) Milling Machine Instruction Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual. Includes a copy of the original Sales and Specification Catalogues (Atlas and Craftsman) that show all versions of the miller, give detailed specifications, illustrate the extensive accessory range and give accurate descriptions of the construction, parts and controls.

Print code: MC501

Craftsman "The Wood Lathe" An instructional Booklet to accompany the company's wood-turning lathes. Published from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Print code: MC501A

Craftsman 2-speed, 4-inch Dustless Belt Sander Model 315.22670. Assembly, Operating and Illustrated Parts Manual.

Print code: MC501B

Craftsman Power Hacksaw Model 108.1502/1501 3 sheets of Assembly, Operating Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual.

Print code: MC501C

Craftsman Spray Gun Model 106.157121: Owner's Manual and Parts as Exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: MC501D

Craftsman (Sears) Twin-cylinder Spray Compressor Model 106.154541 and 106.154591 and Spray Gun Model 106.157121: Owner's Manual and Parts as Exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: MM242

Metalmaster 9-inch Lathe with early "multi-belt" countershaft assembly and no backgear. This lathe was also sold as the "Atlas" 9-inch and "Craftsman Lathes" click here for pictures Rare, very early Instruction Manual and simple, Illustrated Parts Manual. Includes a copy of a rare, early Catalogue. This lathe may be marked with the following model numbers: 936, 942, 948, 954, 1042, 1042A, 1042B, 1042C.

Print code: MS51

SHAPER WORK - Work on the Shaping machine - a complete, highly detailed and well-illustrated 333-page book on how to use and get the best from any shaper. Titled: "For Beginners in Machine Shop Practice" it features a larger machine - but the methods and principles involved apply to all makes and types. This is the very best manual on shaper work ever published. A very heavy publication, bound in two volumes and printed on a heavy, high-quality 120g paper