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CRAFTSMAN 12-inch LATHES - this was a re-badged Atlas 10-inch (with changes to the changewheel drive and an increased centre height*) - as seen and described on this page:

Various Models including early types marked variously as: 101.27580, 101.27590, 101.28930, 101.28940, 101.28950, 101.28970, 101.28990 and later versions with, amongst other designations: 101.20140, 101.20280, 101.20300, 101.20320, 101.20650, 101.20670, 101.20690, 101,20710, 101.20730, 101.20750, 101.20770, 101.20790, 101.27440, 101.27430, 101.07301, 101.07303, 101.07360, 101.07361, 101.07362, 101.07363, 101.07380, 101.07381, 101.07382, 101.07383, 101.07400, 101.07401, 101.07402 and 101.07403,101-L6T 493S, etc. (the suffix digits indicating some slight differences in specification, motor size, "Standard" or "De-luxe", etc.). Although details of the design altered and the shape of the main casting altered yearly, the basic construction remained unchanged - but the screwcutting arrangements were different (the drive passed through a tumble-reverse assembly) and are covered in the correct "Sears Master Craftsman Threading Supplement".
A complete package of information that covers all models from the original mid 1930s lathe (a clone of the Atlas 10-inch) to last version in 1958. Enlarged from its original small size to twice as large for clarity, It includes:

  1. a very comprehensive Manual with over 240 pages that contains detailed Operating & Maintenance Manual with the correct "Craftsman" thread cutting charts and data with 39  pages devoted to this section alone. .
  2. extra instructional sheets, but never included in the main Manual: taper turning attachment; fitting new leadscrew nuts, steady rests, adjustable bed stop.
  3. a complete, Illustrated Parts Manual with exploded diagrams.
  4. a set of reproductions of all the original advertising material (some very rare) that give a complete technical specification for the lathe from the 1930s to the 1960s and illustrated all the accessories.
  5. It's almost certainly the best "how-to-use-a-lathe" manual produced by any maker.

£65GBP + post as a high-quality bound print or £38GBP on a DVD + post. Click the correct box below to order your choice.

A large and heavy publication. Printed as a very high-quality reproduction on 120g paper and bound (it's a weighty volume enlarged to A4 size, that's just short of "letter") .To check the price in US dollars visit: *PLEASE NOTE: this is a manual produced for the Atlas lathe and so not an exact match for the Craftsman version


All manuals are scanned at high resolution and supplied as a top-quality print, bound and on a superior 129g paper.

Unless otherwise stated, all manuals are in English.

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