Hepworth Tracer (hydraulic copying) Attachments Manual. All types from 150 to 620


Colchester Colchester-Hepworth Hepworth Harrison


300 400 450 470 472 600 620 Harrison Milmor 150

Machine types: 



  • Operators Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Parts Manual

HEPWORTH HYDRAULIC COPYING (TRACER) Attachments for the Series 150, 300, 400, 450, 470, 472, 600 & 620 as fitted to Colchester, Harrison, Milmor, Smart & Brown, Dean Smith & Grace, Willson, Kerry, Broadbent-Schofield and many other makes. A complete 140-page Data Pack with Detailed Operation Manuals and Spare Manuals as Sectional and other drawings. This is the most complete set of information for these attachments available - a complete collection of all literature ever produced. Covers both the head units and the pump-tank assemblies.


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