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Rigiva Riva


0.2 0.20-BA 0.6 0.8 CA CD F1200 F1600 F1700 F2000 G1200 G1600 G2000 PT2 U2 U20 U6 U8 V2 V20 V20-P V20C V4 V6 V6C

Machine types: 

Milling Machine


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Rigiva (Riva) Full-range Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue with ENGLISH and ITALIAN text. Horizontal, Vertical and Turret Millers dated 1968 showing the U2, U6, U8, U20, V2, V4, V6, V20, V20-P and the 0.2, 0.6, 0.8, 0.20 etc with plain, non-swivelling tables), Autocycle V20, Autocycle 06, Numerical control V100, S8 Diesinker, V6C & V20C with hydraulic copying, Model SGA Geometrically Shaped Dies Milling machine, 0.8-BA with powered overarm, 0.20-BA with powered overarm, C400 cam milling and cam grinding machine, F1200, F1600, F1700, F2000, G1200, G1600, G2000, CD, CA, PT2, specialist machines for the textile industry and a range of dividing heads, rotary tables, rack dividing attachments, vertical heads, special vertical heads, slotting heads, boring heads, worm & gear-cutting attachments, machine vices, compound tables, inclinable tables, optical readers, cutters, cutter holders, worm-screw cutting dividing head, hob milling attachments, bevel gear attachments, etc.


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