Stankoimport (Russian) Round-bed "Universal 3-inch Lathe". Manual


Stankoimport Delphin TSCH-32-ME EXO-CUT


Universal TSCH-32-ME Delphin ExeCut

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  • Operators Manual

RUSSIAN "Stankoimport" ROUND-BED Universal 3" Model-engineering multi-function lathe. Operating Instructions with screwcutting charts, an electrical schematic, some sectional drawings, list of accessories including the milling slide and how to mount it correctly, the surface grinding attachment, jig-saw attachment, jointing attachment, disc saw attachment, grindstone attachment ('sharpening attachment' in the manual). The maker's publications were of a shockingly poor reproduction standard - we have done our best to make it acceptable. The original quality of this publication was utterly dreadful - but I've done my best to clean it up and it's now pretty decent. The lathe has been found with several different "brand" names including Delphin, ExoCut (in Australia) and TSCH-32-ME.


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