Model: Universal

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Manuals for Model: Universal

Print code: I70

IMPETUS (Metalmaster) Universal machine Tool. Sales and Technical
Specification Sheet (excellent illustrations) 3 pages + technical description

Print code: K418

Kitchen & Wade Universal Machine Tool Sales & Specification Catalogue. Combines the functions of a lathe, milling machine, shaper, drill & hacksaw in one unit. 4 pages

Print code: MF130

Fuji Hypomatic FS-Universal and Standard Lathe. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Parts as Exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: MN419

Nibbler Universal Sheet Steel Plate Working Machine: Instruction Manual with Electrical Diagram.

Print code: MN853

Norton Universal Grinder 10-inch (with sliding table and swivel table). Instruction and Parts Manual (as exploded-component and cut-away Drawing).

Print code: MR180B

Richmond 03SD Milling Machines Universal & Plain. Simple Operator's Instruction Book. Includes two copies of the maker's Technical Sales & Specification Catalogue.

Print code: MR680

RUSSIAN "Stankoimport" ROUND-BED Universal 3" Model-engineering multi-function lathe. Operating Instructions with screwcutting charts, an electrical schematic, some sectional drawings, list of accessories including the milling slide and how to mount it correctly, the surface grinding attachment, jig-saw attachment, jointing attachment, disc saw attachment, grindstone attachment ('sharpening attachment' in the manual). The maker's publications were of a shockingly poor reproduction standard - we have done our best to make it acceptable.

Print code: MS514

Although there never was a complete manual for Tom Senior millers the following is a complete compendium of all known technical and sales literature: SENIOR (Tom Senior) Milling Machines Operator's Instructions and Parts Manual with Sectional Drawings. Covers all the common Senior millers with a proper (if slender) manual for the M1 and details of the Major, E.L.T., V.S., Junior, Universal, Light Vertical S Type and a special 6-page manual and parts list for the E-Type head. Comprises a set of sheets issued at various times by the company.

Print code: P-131

Elliott Sturdimil 1500 Universal, Plain and Vertical models Sales Sheet - detailed description and specification.

Print code: R175C

REINECKER Milling Machines - Universal, Plain, Vertical, Horizontal, Plano-milling. Full-range Catalogue with accessories. Circa late 1920s early 1930s. 147 pages.

Print code: T117

THOMPSON Surface Grinders (USA) Two Catalogs covering the Surface Grinders Types C, B, BB and the Automatic Broach Grinding Machines and the 12" x 36" Universal Grinder model from the 1930s. 28 pages

For Sale

Fobco Star "Universal" drilling machine. A splendid example of a very late model Fobco ‘Universal’ with one violin-maker owner from new. It has a No.2 Morse taper spindle, a standard "Myford" thread that allows the fitting of 2 Morse taper collets.

Asking price: £800.00
Location: Wirral, United Kingdom