Smart and Brown Sabel, SAB and S Lathes Manual


Smart and Brown


9-inch S SAB Sabel

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SMART and BROWN Sabel, "SAB" and "S" lathes. These lathes are copies of the "9-inch" South Bend and , as such, the best manual is the one produced for the other UK copy, the Boxford. This edition has been specially put together by Tony Griffiths with the aim of providing as complete a set of information as possible.
Contains the larger and far-better earlier Boxford manual with clearer pictures and drawings together with additional sections and charts added not included in the original with details, for example, of how to generate pitches not shown on the screwcutting gearbox, which pitches the lever positions produce, a full list of standard and extra changewheels to fit the different models (and how they were set ex-factory) and data on metric to inch and inch to metric screwcutting conversions.
Wiring connection diagrams for the Dewhurst and Stanton switches. Also included is a copy of the slim Smart and Brown Sabel Manual and a copy of the maker's sales & specification catalogue. For a Data Pack with the detailed Spares Manual see:


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