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Model: S

This page displays all the content on the website associated with the 'S' model. Numeric models include all prefixes, such as 'Number', 'Mark', 'Size' etc.

Manuals for Model: S

Print code: G265

GRIMSTON Drills and other machine tools. High-quality reproduction of the complete maker’s catalogue collection covering from the 1940s to the 1970s. Includes the full range of geared-head drills the E46, LE46, AH, S, E47, LE47, E44, E45, LE44, LE45, E46, LE46, E47, E48, E49. Belt-drive bench and pillar drills Models 1B and 1P, Drills with power down feed, Ganged Production drills, versions of the various models as Box Column types, All-geared 24” General-purpose Drills, belt-drive drills, No. 1 Compound Table, No.

Print code: K180B

KEARNS  S Type Horizontal Borer: Maker's superb Technical Catalogue. Lots of very useful information on how a borer can be used. In English, French & German. 76 pages.  PLEASE NOTE: This Catalogue is already included in the Kearns S Type Manual

Print code: K180D

KEARNS Borers and Planers. Comprehensive Full-Range Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue showing the "S" Type, "S" Type Optimetric, "45", "72", "450", "450A", "450B", 450C", "450F", "451P", "451F", "450PPT", "4551PPT", Electronic Model "451PPT", "721P", the No.2, 3, 4 & 5. No. 4WB, No. 5WB, and details of various control systems and accessories. 80 pages.

Print code: L345

LIEBER Heavy-duty Lathes two Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues: one in English showing the Types A, B, S and SS and another in German showing the Types LP 00, LP 0, LP 1, LP 11, LP 111, LP 1V, LP V, LP V1, LP V1, LP V11, LPS 0 LPS 1 and LPS 11. 30 Pages

Print code: MA485A

Alba/Elliott Series Shapers: 2S, 4S and 6S (14", 18" and 24" Stroke) and then renamed the 14S and 18S and 24S when marketed through Elliott. These shapers are often without any maker's identification marks but are instantly identifiable by the very large circular boss that takes up almost the whole of the right-hand side face. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Illustrated Parts Manual.

Print code: ME400A

EMI-MEC Auto-Sprint S Lathe: Detailed Operating & Service Manual with programming examples.

Print code: ME400BF

EMI-MEC Auto-Sprint S Lathe: "Service Notes for Faults" Manual.

Print code: ME400C

EMI-MEC Auto-Sprint S Lathe Instructions for the bar-feed and Vertical Slide Units with 5 drawings.

Print code: ME400D

EMI-MEC Auto-Sprint S Lathe: A complete set of 11 large electrical and 4 Pneumatic schematics.

Print code: ME400E

EMI-MEC Auto-Sprint S Lathe Setters Course.

Print code: ME400F

EMI-MEC Auto-Sprint S Lathe Setters Programming Course.

Print code: MF69

FMB Mini Turbo "S" Automatic Bar Loading Magazine. Operating Instructions.

Print code: MHL-Alpha-S

MHL-Alpha-S Harrison Alpha S and 1000 Series Lathes: "Manual Guide Model Tutorial" amd "Alpha 1000 Series CNC Tutorial".

Print code: MI5

Ibarmia Drills A, B and S series. Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual.

Print code: MJ1411

Jones and Shipman 1411 Grinding Machine including Types: S, SP, SF and SFT. Operating and Maintenance Manual with 3 Electrical and the Hydraulic Schematics.

Print code: MK318D

KEARNS "S Type" Horizontal Borer: Operating and Maintenance Manual (including Optimetric Measurement System). Includes details for both the "Spindle" and "Facing Chuck" Models, an electrical schematic and a copy of the maker's detailed 65-page Sales and Specification Catalogue giving, with superb photographs, much additional information about accessories and attachments for Kearns borers. This set of publications represents a complete data pack for the Kearns S Type.

Print code: MK450B

Kerry (Q and S) Drill "Super 8" "Backgeared Type": Instruction Manual and Separate Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings - all scanned at high resolution and some, of the head, extracted and enlarged. Includes copies of early and late maker's comprehensive Technical Sales and Specification Catalogues. Covers all models: early "round" style A, B and S and the later more "angular" Series "U". A complete data pack for the machine.

Print code: MM170B

McIlvanie Century Lathes - Model S. Instructions for Installation, Maintenance and Operator's Instruction with a Parts Manual as Photographic Plates.

Print code: MS509

Segatrice "Automa S" Hacksaw Models 230, 280, 330 and 420. Instruction Manual English and Italian text.

Print code: MS514

Although there never was a complete manual for Tom Senior millers the following is a complete compendium of all known technical and sales literature: SENIOR (Tom Senior) Milling Machines Operator's Instructions and Parts Manual with Sectional Drawings. Covers all the common Senior millers with a proper (if slender) manual for the M1 and details of the Major, E.L.T., V.S., Junior, Universal, Light Vertical S Type and a special 6-page manual and parts list for the E-Type head. Comprises a set of sheets issued at various times by the company.

Print code: MS526C

SHELDON Newer Series S and M 11-inch and 13-inch Lathes. Basic "Setting-up" Instructions, Spindle Dismantling, Metric Screwcutting Instructions, Parts as Exploded Component Drawings and a detailed, full-range Sheldon Sales, Specification and Accessories catalogue.

Print code: MS580

SMART and BROWN Sabel, "SAB" and "S" lathes. These lathes are copies of the "9-inch" South Bend and , as such, the best manual is the one produced for the other UK copy, the Boxford. This edition has been specially put together by Tony Griffiths with the aim of providing as complete a set of information as possible.

Print code: MS580B

Smart and Brown "Sabel", "SAB" and "S" Lathes. Parts Manual as General Assembly Drawings. 50 pages of drawing that are so good they are, in effect, blueprints without the dimensions. For a complete Data Pack about these lathes see: https://www.store.lathes.co.uk/print/MS580C

Print code: MS580C

A complete data pack consisting of:

Print code: MS700X

Startrite S, T and RF Series (10-speed) band saws: Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with useful Exploded-components Parts Manual and electrical schematic.

Print code: MT322P

Traub Strohm M, S, SJ 75, 105 and 125 Automatic Lathes. Parts Manual as Engineering Drawings with details of the Accelerator and Three-spindle Drilling and Thread-cutting Attachment.

Print code: MT365Z

True-Trace S 180 degree Tracer Valve Application (Control system 1112). Service Manual.

Print code: MW291B

Fanuc Control System for above (W and S M5000 Series Lathes). Maintenance Manual.

Print code: O40

OLDAK Miniature High-speed drills. Two Sales & Specification Catalogues covering the Mk.1, Mk.2, Model S and Model ED. 8 pages.

Print code: P475

Portass Lathes: no manuals were ever issued but there is a wonderful collection of (rare) Sales & Technical Specification Sheets, Individual Machine Catalogues, Illustrations, Accessories and "Letters of Recommendation" available: X.L., Mark V, Model X. Dreadnought (several versions including the 5-inch), Model S (several versions), Model 21/8", Model-de-Lux 21./8", Model Super, Heavy-duty 4-inch, Milling & Drilling Attachment, Lathes as supplied for branding as Zyto (etc.), shapers, 4-inch wood lathe, etc.

Print code: S535G

Springfield Precision Toolroom & Engine Lathes Model S, Model 280 & Model 180. Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue 1950s to 1960s. Also shows Springfield Grinders (Bulletin 208).

Print code: S535H

Springfield Heavy Duty 16" Model S lathe Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue (Bulletin 195 circa 1960s).

Print code: S535J

Springfield Medium Duty 20" Model S lathe Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue (Bulletin 190 circa 1960s).

Print code: T119L

THIEL Automatic Screw Machine Type A.D.S. Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 4 pages £10

Print code: V40A VDF Standard Lathes Type S. Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 22 Pages.

VDF Standard Lathes Type S. Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 22 Pages