Sphere (Halifax, Acorn and Atlas) 10-inch and 12-inch Operation & Maintenance Manual


Sphere Halifax Acorn


10-inch 12-inch

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  • Operators Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Parts Manual
  • Catalog

Sphere (Atlas) 10-inch LATHE: A complete data pack of information (including all-known literature) that covers all models, from the first to last. It includes: 1) A comprehensive Owner's Manual with over 248 pages that contains detailed operating instructions for the lathe and its accessories together with maintenance and lubrication instructions - it's probably the best instruction book ever produced by a lathe manufacturer. 2) Extensive thread-cutting instructions and dedicated charts from the larger 61-page "supplementary" Screwcutting Instruction Booklet. 3) Extra instructional sheets issued by Atlas but never included in the main manual: taper turning attachment; fitting new leadscrew nuts, steady rests, adjustable bed stop, machine vice and dismantling procedures for headstock and backgear. . 4) A complete, illustrated parts list with exploded-parts diagrams. 5) A set of reproductions of the original advertising catalogs (some very rare) that give a complete technical specification for the lathe, shows model changes over the years. All the accessories are shown - enabling easy identification of any items that might be found on the second-hand market. 6) For general background interest, a set of Atlas/Craftsman catalogs from 1936 onwards are also included together with one for the UK-built "Halifax" version of the lathe. These show all the different models and the complete range of accessories This is a very large and heavy publication (enlarged to A4, a size just short of "letter").


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