VDF 18RO, 21RO and 24RO Lathes. Manual - English Edition


Gebruder Boehringer Heidenreich & Harbeck VDF


18RO 21RO 24RO

Machine types: 



  • Operators Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Parts Manual

VDF 18RO, 21RO and 24RO Lathes. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Instructions with a Parts Manual as useful and very detailed  Exploded Component Drawings. The Instruction manual has 23 pages and the Parts Manual has 72 pages. Instructions include full screwcutting charts enlarged to full-page size as those on these lathes are frequently damaged and unreadable; instructions for multiple threads, lubrication, use of the taper-turning attachment; levelling; use and identification of controls; adjustment of the clutch, brake, spindle bearings and apron nut guide, etc; feeds, adjustable-stop turning; causes of inaccuracies and reproductions of the Instruction Plates and Symbols. A manual for this machine is also available in German, click here to find it.


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