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Heidenreich & Harbeck

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MH338A

Heidenreich und Harbeck (VDF) 18RO Drehmaschine (Cover das gleiche, aber größere 21RO und 24RO Modelle Design). Des Betreibers & grundlegende Wartung Bedienungsanleitung mit Reproduktionen von Screwcutting und Futtermittel Diagramme für Metrik, Stellplätze Whitworth, Modul & Diametral. Diese EDITION ist IN Deutschland aber auch im Preis inbegriffen ist eine vollständige Kopie der größeren Bedienungsanleitung in englischer Sprache, die explodiert-Komponenten Teile Handbuch enthält

Print code: MV170

VDF 18RO, 21RO and 24RO Lathes. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Instructions with Parts manual as useful Exploded Component Drawings. The Instruction manual has 23 pages and the Parts Manual 72 pages.

Print code: MV170A

VDF Lathe Models 36S, 44S, 36L and 44L. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with electrical schematic.

Print code: MV170B

VDF W45V, W35L, W35, W40 and W45 lathes. Operating Instructions. with Adjustment Instructions for clutch, brake, headstock spindle bearings, lubrication, belt fitting, dismantling the main spindle, etc. Includes a copy of the often damaged or missing screwcutting chart. Not a perfect reproduction, but readable.

Print code: MV170D

VDF (Gebruder Boehringer) S355 and S400 Lathes (also covers the larger but identical S450 and S500 versions). Operating and basic maintenance Manual. Includes instructions for adjusting the clutch, spindle bearings, electro-magnetic brake, dismantling the quick-action unit, and reproductions of the screwcutting charts and how to use the complicated thread-dial indicator.

Print code: MV170E

VDF (Heidenreich and Harbeck) V3 Mk. 4 Unicop Copying Lathe. Operating Manual.

Print code: MV170G

VDF Type DP/NCMR Front Turning Machine. Operation Manual.

Print code: V170E

VDF (Heidenreich and Harbeck) V3 Mk. 4 Unicop Copying Lathe. Operating Manual

Print code: V39

V39 VDF "Factory Tour" circa 1960s. A rare and fascinating review of the VDF works and how the lathes were designed and built. Many wonderful photographs showing the production and inspection processes from foundry to finished machine. 90 pages.

Print code: V40E

VDF 18RO, 21RO and 24RO Lathes (some badged HEIDENREICH and HARBECK).
Two highly detailed and beautifully illustrated Sales and Technical Specification Catalogues for the earlier models with rounded the castings. 48 pages.

Print code: V40E

V40E VDF 18RO, 21RO & 24RO Lathes (some badged HEIDENREICH & HARBECK). Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue for the earlier models with rounded edges to the castings. 22 pages

Print code: V40E

V40F VDF 18RO & 21RO Lathes (some badged HEIDENREICH & HARBECK). Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue for the later model with right-angle edges to the castings. 8 pages