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OMT (Optical Measuring Tools Ltd - a Newall Company) Optical Inspection Equipment Detailed and well-illustrated Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue covering the Roundness Measuring Machine, Standard Horizontal Omtimeter, Major Horizontal Omtimeter, Newall Measuring Machine, Standard Projection Pantometer  Model "E" Projection Pantometer, Model "W.P.100" Workshop Projector, 10-inch Optical Rotary Table, 30-inch Optical Rotary Table, 8-inch Rotary Inclinable Table, 12 and 16-inch Rotary Inclinable Tables, 30-inch Indexing Rotary Table, Lathe Tool Setting Microscope, Thread Grinder Microscope, Optical Dividing Heads, Thread Form Inspection Instrument, Toolmaker's Microscope, Unit Optics, Optical Flat, etc. 18 Pages.


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