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All the classic Pittler literature as one package. Includes the following

PITTLER - Leipziger Werkzeug-Maschinen-Fabrik. The Ultimate Pittler Catalogue. English and German Text.
PITTLER - WORKSHOP PRACTICE on the PITTLER by George Adams. An invaluable original publication detailing every aspect of how to use the lathe - but no illustrations.
PITTLER: a set of three Catalogues - with some duplication of content - that covers the complete range of traditional Pillar lathes and their accessories: 1) All-Models Catalogue Circa 1900. Descriptive Price List, Screwcutting, Spiral Cutting and division charts for the Pittler Universal Milling & Turning Lathes Models B and C. This edition by Pittler themselves, not the more common publication by their agents George Adams. 2) All-Models Catalogue 1899. 3) All-Models Catalogue & Descriptive Price List of W. V. Pittler's "Milling & Turning Lathe".


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